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Pampered Chef: Newbie in Kansas

  1. Hello everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. I just signed up with Pampered Chef a few weeks ago. I am a SAHM to two little girls and am a college student as well. One of my good friends hosted my first cooking show last week and it was just shy of being a $1,000 show! I am eager to learn more about everyone and share ideas!
  2. straitfan

    straitfan Veteran Member Gold Member

    Welcome from another Jayhawker! Where are you from me? (I'm near Hutchinson)
    Dec 15, 2009
  3. Tropicalburstqt2

    Tropicalburstqt2 Advanced Member Gold Member

    Welcome to PC & Chef Success from another newbie.
  4. Not too far Christy, I am just south of Wichita.
  5. mountainmama74

    mountainmama74 Advanced Member Gold Member

    Congratulations on a great first show! Welcome to the business!
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