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Sep 10, 2016
I'm new to Pampered Chef and just completed my 4th cooking show. I'm learning so much along the way--mostly the hard way (like don't bother with the Save Guest button...use the Save to Contacts or you lose their information forever or running out of catalogs because I didn't order more than the 25 that came with my kit early enough and had to scramble to get some from my recruiter!)

I make phone calls to HO almost daily when working on the business with all my problems and questions with software, computer stuff, missing items in orders, etc. They are super helpful and sweet. Not one of them has been willing to host a virtual party with me yet, though. I'll keep asking because it's good practice!

I still feel really stupid...like what does the unlimited warranty really mean with the executive cookware? Can they get it replaced if the non-stick is peeling even though they NEVER put it in the dishwasher and only used PC nylon tools after 10 years of use? If not, is it really a lifetime warranty?? What do I say to them? Also, is it unethical to tag an order to the back of a host's or use their 1/2 off if they don't want to? There is definitely a learning curve to this business.

Also, I'm a terrible recruiter. Can I even make good money without recruiting? Four shows and at two of them I couldn't even book a party...but then I had that one where I easily booked two and one where I had to work just to get a definite maybe for the future. Lessons learned...or maybe not. We'll see. I'm here to learn how to do this effectively without having to make the mistakes myself...to earn from everyone else's mistakes before I make them.

I want to buy the samples while they are still 50% off since I joined after the promotions to earn them (end of July), but I haven't made enough money to do that...and my main goal is to make money, not spend it. ARGH! It's so tempting to be my best customer. Any advice on all of these things would be greatly appreciated!


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Jan 19, 2006
First, breathe. You are way ahead of the game because you are asking lots of questions.

Due to time constraints, I'm only going to address one of your questions at this moment. If you are in this to make money, take your time choosing what you'll invest in. The catalog will sell the products you don't have There were MANY items this season that I'm not buying because I know I won't use them. That being said, I think the kids' cooking kits will be a big hit for the holidays so they may be worth the investment.


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Dec 6, 2005

ChefJeanine gave great advice. You can also earn the other things the same way a host does. Just host your own party and use your host benefits to get some of the new stuff.

Like any other skill, consulting and recruiting take practice. I have two suggestions. First, take the online courses. All of them. Multiple times. They hold great information. Second, talk with your director about any additional training they'll offer.

As for the lifetime warranty, yes, if the coating is peeling after years of treating it properly, it will be replaced. Remember this, though. We consultants don't really do exchanges. We can handle many for the items we've personally sold. That's fairly easy through Consultant's Corner. However, for the example you've used it's best if the customer contacts the Home Office directly. They'll need to answer a few questions. The Home Office is trained to handle these things.

I have never heard anyone opine that using a host's unwanted 1/2 price item is unethical. You will, of course, want to ask the host's permission, especially since it will ship to your host and show up on his/her receipt.

Feel free to ask more questions here on CS. That's one of the main reasons we exist.
Sep 10, 2016
Thanks so much chefjeanine, raebates, and admin greg. I'm so glad they will probably cover the cookware. I'll have my customer contact HO to work that out. I held my own party and purchased many of the things I needed for my cooking shows, but didn't use all of my half-off items because...again...trying to make money, not just spend it. It was a successful party ($190 in free) so that was good.