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New to the Pampered Chef Community

Oct 7, 2018
Hello everyone, My name is Nikki and I am joining Channen's team.
I am her mom, I was always cooking while she was growing up. I have taught her some cooking tips over the
years and she has an interest in cooking like I do.

I have heard about Pampered Chef many years ago, but; never really looked into it. I heard that it
was very expensive, so I never got interested until Channen shared with me. I purchased a few things
and I was very impressed. I love to cook and my kitchen is where I feel comfortable and one of my
favorite places to spend my time.

My plan, is to earn a way to replace my old cookware and bakeware; and also add some new "gadgets"
to my cookware collection. I would also like to meet some new friends along the way.