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New To PC

Feb 15, 2005
Just getting started. First Kitchen Show is March 4th. Planning a New Consultant Open house with Family and Friends. Any tips for the wording on the invite?

Also looking ideas for Summer Picnic/Barbecue Theme Parties. Need Quick Recipe ides.


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Apr 14, 2004
Welcome to PC Richelle! And thanks for joining our website community!
To answer your questions- you'll find a Getting Started Letter further on down the main page under Flyers and Letters. You could use some of the wording for your invite.
Under Theme Shows there are a couple of Grilling show threads with some good information.
Good Luck!


I too am new to PC. Last night was my first show, and although both my attendence and sales were low (had 6 people & $250), I booked 5 shows!!!

For my invites, I breifly told them that I was having a PC party, and that I would be the consultant at the show (and that it was my first one). I said that I was a bit nervous, and needed as many friendly faces as I could get.

Good luck!



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Apr 13, 2004
That makes for an EXCELENT show!

You may not have much - and $250.00 isn't bad - in sales, but the bookings alone made it great!! Figure out what you did. Was it your enthusiasm or charm or maybe your good looks? Find it and bottle it so to speak.
Good luck and KEEP BOOKING!

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
Wording your invite

I just got an awesome tip from my Director today. Do not call it an Open House call it a practice show instead. For some reason she says it makes a difference in attendance. And we all know ATTENDANCE IS THE KEY!!!