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Pampered Chef: New to consulting...

  1. My name is Bonnie Hunt and have recently joined as a consultant. I've received my kit and have three parties scheduled starting in March.
    I'm excited but nervous about trying this, though I've loved Pampered Chef products for years.
    Feb 26, 2019
  2. Admin Greg

    Admin Greg Senior Member Staff Member

    Welcome to CS Bonnie!
    Feb 27, 2019
  3. Welcome!

    I've only been selling 18 months. My best recommendation is "Less is More" (whether it's an in home party, virtual party or vendor event). If you don't own a product (or didn't bring it), you can still tell people about it (and why you like it or want to add it to your kitchen).

    Bring (or show) the tools that are guest special and host special to help sales and book more parties. Choose your "rockstar" tool to feature with recipe and show/tell about the "supporting actors" that you use in the recipe. The PC recipes have bold print (and sometimes images in the margins) to show the tools you are using.

    If you bring too many bags to a party it looks like parties are hard because you have to bring so much gear. Try to make it inside in 1 trip (except for maybe the groceries).

    If you haven't taken the training yet on PC University (Be sure to do PARTY EXPERIENCE soon, both InHome & Virtual)). Check off each video as you finish it. There are PARTY THEMES for virtual and in home (under MARKET IMAGERY). There are great templates to help you design 1, 3, or 5 day parties online. You can only access the complete set by completing both sets of PARTY EXPERIENCE training.

    Good luck!
    Mar 21, 2019
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