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New Recruit

Aug 18, 2009
I just got my 2nd recruit. She was a catalog host who did an outstanding job. Her sales were over $700 and she did ALL of the work except to enter it in P3. I told her she would make a fab host and that we have consultants who just do catalog show and that there are various ways to make money using the catalog show. My question is do any of you have a recruit or consultant on your team like this and if so what do you do to keep in touch with them and keep them motivated?

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Mar 26, 2008
Congratulations on your first recruit!!!

Did you ask her why she had reservations about the cooking shows?

My first recruit only wanted to do catalog shows only and just enough to stay active. I warned her that at some point, someone would ask for a cooking show. Sure enough, she entered her own catalog show & her neighbor booked off it with a cooking show. I went with her to show her the ropes (since she had never attended one of my shows) and she's hooked. She now understands how easy the interactive shows are and is comfortable doing them all the time. I think she had the misunderstanding that she had to "perform" for the group and that was what had her fearful of the cooking shows. Oh, and once she saw her first commission check, she was motivated to do more than just "stay active"!!! She's active duty military, so PC is a side job for her, but she's motivated & working some booths with me this month to get more shows under her belt. Actually, all three of the girls on my team were super excited about being able to work booths for sales & bookings this month! :D
Aug 18, 2009
Thanks for the reply. Oddly, enough I have not met the person. She was a catalog host of mine referred by a customer from a show. She did a fantastic job and I told her she made my job a breeze. She told me her husband said she should consider being a consultant also. She agreed and signed on Saturday. I did not want to scare her away about shows as I have always been taught that catalog sales can work. I informed her about the mini kit but she bought the large kit (indicates to me she may venture into cooking shows). I too believe she will end up doing them. I was not even looking for recruits, I work full time and do not want the responsibility and on and on. But look at me now. I got 2 recruits in less than a week and love it!!!!! So I am sure she will come around. However, in the mean time I have told her I want to see her succeed and am here to help.