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Pampered Chef: New Receipts

  1. ChefSandyK

    ChefSandyK Member

    Okay, so I HATED the old itemized receipts...I used the write-ins and would add the warranty info when I was closing the show, before I sent the last receipts to the host. I have to tell you,though...I think I am liking the new itemized receipts. Yes, they are bulky. But the writing seems a lot larger, I might actually get some sort of a wish list back (instead of unused paper to recycle)...and now that they follow the catalog...hmmm. What does everyone else think? Would hate to order them only to find it was a product of my sleep deprived mind... :)

    Have a great night,
    Jan 31, 2006
  2. chefautumn

    chefautumn Member

    Hey Sandy,
    It's funny that you mention that because I was thinking the exact same thing. I also hated the old itemized receipts, and swithched to write in. But after I received my changeover and noticed how great the new ones are I'm thinking of changing my mind.
    I'm curious what everyone else thinks!
    Jan 31, 2006
  3. AFwife

    AFwife Guest

    I like the itemized one's better too. Even the old one's. Just because, alot of folks, there handwriting, not very good. lol
    Jan 31, 2006
  4. nicolespcshows

    nicolespcshows Member

    I have used the write in's since I started Pampered Chef because the print on the itemized ones were just too small...if I had a big show I would be blind when I got them all input into PP. After seeing the new print and the fact that it follows the catalog I ordered the FREE package of itemized and am going to use them for my first few shows and see what the feedback is. :)
  5. monica_sweetconsultant

    monica_sweetconsultant Advanced Member Silver Member

    I personally like the write-ins. When i went to some shows before signing on i HATED having to seach for the item i was looking for. some items i never bought becuase i got tired of looking for it on the list. with the write ins if you see it in the catalog all you have to do is copy onto the paper. so far i havent had a problem with the hadnwriting. as long as i can read the number i'm ok!!
  6. Has anyone else noticed this - or am I doing it all wrong?

    I have always used the receipts that you print from consultants corner for my reciepts. After a show, I bring them home and make a copy to send to the host for distribution with guests orders. I always print them double-sided so that the statement of guarantee appears on the back. But the receipts from Consultants Corner for February now has the following disclaimer at the bottom:


    This was never on the forms before, and I'm wondering if this means I'm going to have to switch to the carbon receipts. I guess that I could still print receipts from home but they would have to be the computer generated ones from Pampered Partner and printed on the receipt paper.

    Have I been doing this all wrong?

    Jean Toler
    Pampered Chef Consultant
    Brentwood, CA
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