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New! Questions

Apr 1, 2006
I just signed up for PC. I signed up under my sister in law who has been very successful with it.

I am still waiting for my kit.Hoping it will come today!

I have a few friends who want to host a show. My question is...

After I have friends who have hosted....where do I turn to get more people to host?

Thanks! Anymore tips would be great!

Dec 30, 2005
Welcome to the family!

Welcome to PC! Congratulations on starting your own business, I am sure that you will love it! As far as shows go, be sure to ask family and friends to bring people to their shows that you DON'T know, that way you are getting out of your circle. Tell everyone about PC, carry catalogs with you everywhere you go, wear a PC pin or shirt, be a walking billboard! I have gotten out of my circle with the help of some local fundraisers and of course with my lovely hosts! Be excited about PC and others will be too!


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Oct 11, 2005
Hi, Heidi! You have joined an amazing company! I agree with K&T. I actually did very few shows for people I knew because there were a lot of people attending shows that I didn't know, which is what really perpetuates my business. I'm finally at the point where I am comfortable doing shows for people I know. For me its easier with strangers.

There are a bunch of fliers with tips on getting business outside of your friends and family. You can go to the Files section and do a sort by filename.
Jan 11, 2006
Hi Heidi. I started PC in February and I am loving it. When I started, I too was worried that I wouldn't be able to find hosts - but let me tell you - the products do everything for you. I try to emphasize the "free product value" at my shows - who doesn't like a shopping spree? Also, when you are closing your guests orders, ask every one of them if they would like to schedule a show. You will get no's but you will get yes's too! I have also found my hosts at the grocery store. I like to stand around the "free sample" stations. I see who is tasting the food and start talking to them - you could say "You know, pampered chef has a similar recipe that is delicious." This will spark interest and sometimes, you will walk away with their phone # and/or address (I have gotten hosts like this). I have also found customer care calls very helpful. Call them a few days after they have recieved their products to see if they have any questions. Explain to them the up and coming monthly specials and some of them will book a show with you right then and there. Just ask!!! Once you get your first shows over with, your business will snowball :)

Good luck...enjoy...have fun...



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Apr 13, 2004
Everyone you know too...

Sit down and make a list of 100. This list should include the people you run into everyday, once a week, once a month etc.
This means everyone from your family doctor, the hair dresser, the moms at the PTA meetings, the gas station attendent, the ladies at the gym. Think of all the places you go and all the people you see that are semi familar to you. Then ask all your neighbors to come over and for them to bring guests. Give a little gift, Quikut Paring Knife or Seasons Best to everyone who brings a guest.
You would be very surprised at who you really know.