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New products *wanted* for SUPPLIES


Pampered Laura

What SUPPLY ORDER products are you wishing HO would make available to us?
I'm wishing for:
Catalog Show planners
Theme show invites (kids shows, chocolate, etc... or a "Fill in the theme" invite)
Different color aprons
Different COLOR AND DESIGN tablecloth (besides the Patriotic one or the Beige *yech* one)


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Jun 24, 2005
ALL spices available in sample packets. I have more people say, I'd love to try them, but hate to waste the money in case I don't like them, and no they won't spend it to possibly return it either!!

I'd also love some more cookware, and even more recipe cards like they used to have with the coupons on them.

Mini catalog/invites like that other co. (TW) has.

I also agree with different color aprons and tablecloths. I'm thinking of asking my grandma if she'll make me some, as I'm getting sick of same old blue and the patriotic one.