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Urgent New Products for Fall 2014

Main Points

In summary, people are still posting about old products, but there hasn't been much talk about new products. There is a thread about new products and


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Jul 15, 2006
Is there not a thread about new products and the summer conference.. Do people come on here anymore??!! this use to be the most lively place and I can't believe I can't find any discussions about it.. Is there something I'm missing or don't know about??
I was just wondering the same thing! Logged in looking for a "Spoiler Alert" thread!
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Exactly! This use to be the happening place to find out all the info.. I guess fb and twitter are taking over! this makes me sad.. because I like this forum! :(
Same here.....Now that there is all the different groups on Facebook- this website has slowed down. I even became a life long member last year b/c of the information and now it's all old news. :( :cry:
Hi all- thanks for checking in. Because there's just one conference this year. Not really a need for a spoiler alert this year. We are hoping those attending will give us the scoop on everything by posting here.
Hope someone in Louisville posts on here!! I'm anxious to know what's new but couldn't make it to this conference!
The first general session didn't start until 3pm....so I would think they are almost done. Next event is scheduled at 5:45, so general session is probably wrapping up.

So hopefully , in the next few hours, they get some time to post a list of what is new. Products were getting revealed tonight, if I remember correctly.
I so wanted to go to Summer Conference and way to many details kept getting in the way:( I keep looking for some news and updates on Facebook and on here and nothing anywhere! I don't get it? I was certain that we would see some postings by now! BOO HOO!
I am bewildered by how quiet everyone has been!!! I DO know that Jessica shared her Dinners Done Freezer Meal Workshops during convention!! TPC is on board with her, but not sure on the specifics (me and Jessica have been talking back and forth). She has done a TON of work. It can all be found by searching Dinners Done on Facebook. She has meal plans all ready to go, and we have been doing workshops since I think late February or early March.
I am excited to see all the new product AND get my hands on some of the paperwork... I wouldn't mind having one of the conference bags that they handed out. lol ;)
I saw a picture on FB somebody took from a new products reveal session. Wanna know what I saw in the picture? ;)
:) I didn't see much. But there is one product that consultants have wanted for years... a lid for the mfp, *and* it comes with a 2nd bowl! There were also a couple of small stoneware pieces but it was hard to tell what they looked like.. but they were cranberry. That's all. Sorry I don't know more!
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I have a fantastic contact who not only told me the new products but snapped a pic of what we earned in the Free for All. Here it is.

Free for All.jpg

I'm especially excited about . . .
  • MFP lid. I've asked for that for ages
  • Gluten-Free Pizza Crust Mix and Beer Batter Bread Mix
  • RockCrok Casserole (2 qt)
  • Toaster Tongs & Magic Mop (people have been clamoring for these)

I'm really curious about the RUFTH product and the Cake Tester and Release Tool.
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Cool! Thank you!!!
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Toaster Tongs! I know they were around ages ago (before I was a consultant) but I really like toaster tongs!
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Thank you so much Rae! Any more tidbits of excitement? I am leaving for SC and won't be home to get my change over...
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Thanks so much for posting!!! Maybe someone will post after seeing and hearing about them at conference.
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Toaster Tongs! I know they were around ages ago (before I was a consultant) but I really like toaster tongs!

Hope they are sturdier than the previous ones that always seemed to come apart. Gorilla glue to the rescue.
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One of my "sister" consultants from the same downline as I am said that nothing will be posted on Consultant's Corner until after the Canadian Conference, which I believe that is August 8th. 2 weeks in between is awful timing in my opinion :/.
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I haven't checked back on here because I was thinking "well no one has even really replied!" I'm so happy that people are starting to speak out! I did start to find out some of it, because I've been selling for so darn long that I know a lot of people! LOL! But I had a show yesterday so I wasn't able to come on here until now! Thank you sooooo much Rae for posting what you did! I only heard about a few things! It's nice to see the full list and learn what I earned! THANK YOU! I did hear about the freezer meals workshops and how they are going to be really incorporating that into our shows.. now that, I'm excited about for sure! Looking fwrd to finding out the rest of the announcements and I hope they don't take 2 weeks to announce it to us on consultants corner! It also would be nice to get our stuff.. this conference was much later than what it use to be when we had National Conferences.. and we would have already had our new products and paperwork by now! and also many of us send out there host packs at the beginning of the month.. so if they wait that long.. then that is not cool! because that is messing with how we run our businesses.. lol.. ugh.. tired of everyone being so quiet! :) I will go see about posting a pic I saw on fb! I need to find it!
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I have an announcement!! SOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! :)

2015 Conference will be July 16-18 in Chicago!

After 7-8 conference in the last 15 years.. I am definitely going to this!! :):love:;):bounce::clap:


  • chicago conference! 2015.jpg
    chicago conference! 2015.jpg
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Three Pampered Chef Red Stamp templates coming!


  • red stamp!.jpg
    red stamp!.jpg
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Wow! Aug 1-15 hosts receive their choice of Cool n Serve Tray in addition to the Aug host special!


  • August host special.jpg
    August host special.jpg
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A picture of the new products! :)


  • New fall winter products.jpg
    New fall winter products.jpg
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There are 3 sizes of Rectangle bakers now! :)
The magic Mop is back, same with the toaster tongs, 3 way tongs, and quite a few old classic favorites.. and a new rock crock! :) sweet.. I know many of you could tell that from Rae's list.. I'm just telling you what I definitely know! :)
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Here's more pics :)


  • 10474645_10152578419892145_5852762854512526143_n.jpg
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More Product pics :)


  • 10502354_10152578419927145_2143857041061786390_n.jpg
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a few more pics :)


  • 10455346_10152578419842145_391582087155122193_n (1).jpg
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I think this is the last one... I hope this helps everyone see what's new! :) It's not near as much as we are use to.. but.. Doris just made that huge announcement with discontinuing a lot of products.. I think the next season, there will be more..with the focus being on our most famous classic lines.. I would love to see more cookware and stoneware, a bigger ridged baker.. definitely more rock croks, more knives.. there are quite a bit of things they can add to our classic lines :) it's still all exciting! And I'm stoked that I earned the new rock crok too! :) there are only a few things I'll need to purchase from the samples! as I have many of the classics that they are bringing back unless they changed them where it's obvious! I think this way will be good as far as more focus on the classic lines.. less to carry and people can get the idea of stoneware by just bringing one or two with us, including rock croks, cookware and knives! :)


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Thanks so much for sharing. I'm looking forward to seeing the catalogs, page by page! :)
Do you know what the Round Up From the Heart item is?
And, are they bringing back any of the classic stoneware (like the fluted pan - I have people still wanting it!)?

Again, thank you!
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catalog fall 2014.jpg

The new catalog and the RUFTH product.
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OH MY GOSH! I LOVE IT! :) Thank Rae!!!!!!!!!!! Soooo excited about the RUFTH product! I can see us selling those really well! and in multiples too!! love!!:love::bounce::)
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Can someone confirm details on the host bonus for Aug 1-15th submissions? Do they choose either the small or regular C&S tray? And that's still in addition to the regular host special?
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Yes it's in addition :) I will check on the other question!
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Thanks! And on the front cover, too!
Any idea how much each sells for?
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"and quite few old classic favorites"
Do you know what those are?

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Yes they choose and it's in addition to the already fab August host bonus! :)
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LKP.. I do not know how much they sell for.. I'm sure when people get back from conference with their catalogs they will tell us.. As far as the classic favorites.. that includes the magic mop, 3 way tongs, toaster tongs, spring coil whisk and I would think the Pizza Crust mix! that was a major favorite that many people were not happy about when they got rid of it!! I love that they made this pizza crust and the beer bread in Gluten Free now! and that all of our spices will be gluten free as of fall! I do not eat completely gluten free, and I do not have Celiac Disease, but I am pretty Gluten sensitive.. so I do not eat much gluten at all.. so this really excites me! :)
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Thanks so much for all the info and pics! Wow! You shared a lot!
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Thanks for the pics MissChef!!! :)
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Oh thank you for sharing - I'm one of those Canadians who won't be at conference this year and I always figure out my gifts before xmas. Thanks soooo much for sharing
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Gluten free will be popular. Can't wait to see the catalog!
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Thanks for sharing. I am excited that I earned the new Rockroc...I don't have any of them because I didn't think I needed them. I love the DCB. Now I can try it out for FREE.
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What is the magic mop and what does it do?
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I have been a consultant for 13 years and I don't remember the Magic Mop
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What is the magic mop and what does it do?[/QUOTE

You use it to skim off grease from the top of soups, stew, sauces, etc. Hopefully they have improved it from years ago when we had them. It was very hard to clean and never seemed "clean",even after the dishwasher.
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Seems like a lot of old products being revived? Interesting.

I like the idea of the other sizes of the rectangle baker though!
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Great info everyone!!
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Hi I'm new here. I'm having trouble opening the attachments? Can you help? I'm on a iPad .
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Hi I'm new here. I'm having trouble opening the attachments? Can you help? I'm on a iPad .

Welcome! What happens when you try? Anyone else on an iPad?

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