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New Pampered Chef Consultant

Oct 25, 2019
Hi! I am so excited to have stumbled across this website! My name is Teresa Johnson. I have been. Pampered Chef Consultant almost 2 months. I have had a slow start , but that’s OK. I am learning so much! I have only had my Launch VP party and a VP Fundraiser to help a dear friend. In 2 weeks I will officially start my 1st Booked VP. I am Nervous and Excited. I have learned so much and I hope to learn even more before that party starts! I want to get my host the most I can get her!!! I am very open to suggestions and helpful hints! I can’t wait to see what I find here! If you see me, stop by and say Hello!
Apr 15, 2020
Hi there!
I'm a new consultant and I haven't been able to book parties lately because of the coronavirus so i decided to host my own. Anything I should know about commisons and host benefits? Looking for current information. My goal is the commison sales and submitting the monthly amount, more than recieving the host discounts. Just want to make sure I'm not losing out on anything!
Thanks for your advice!