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New Mixing Bowl Set


Mar 21, 2005
OK, so our tax return ended up being more that we had thought, which is good :) ! So, we are paying off some bills, putting some back, and then each taking some "blow" money for ourselves. I'm using mine to get the 4 and 6 piece cookware sets since Kit Enhancement is this month, why not get it at 40% off right :D ? I have a few extra dollars after shipping and tax, and I'm torn over getting the karafe or the new mixing bowl set. So, I'm looking for some help....essentially I'd be able to use both at shows, but I'm trying to figure out which would be more "sellable" I guess. How is the mixing bowl set selling for you guys? Do people seem to be interested, or turned off by the price? How are you handling arguments about getting bowls at wal mart or target?

Thanks for all thoughts on this!


Silver Member
Mar 17, 2005
Congratulations on getting a refund! :) I'm doing the same as you are by using some of my extra monies to purchase kit enhancement items. :D In response to your question of Mixing Bowls vs Carafe ~ Mixing Bowls hands down! I have sold 3 sets in only 2 shows. Also got two booking because of them. The future hosts want to try and get it free or as a half price item! No one has said a word about the expense or they could buy cheaper at Wal Mart etc... The Carafe on the other hand, while an awesome product, people tell me they don't want to put out that kind of money for it when they can purchase one cheaper somewhere else. Hope this helps.

Lee Anne


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Jan 22, 2005
Mixing Bowls!!

The mixing bowls are your best bet by far! They are new and have so many uses at your show...many features to show and talk about. The carafe is excellent (my sister swears by hers....filled it with hot water at night and used it to fill baby bottles for those midnight feedings :) ) Everyone has a carafe or has seen one so not much benefit in showing it. It is one of those products that you can talk about and not really have to show. The mixing bowls are a hot new product that will help you with bookings so that's where I'd put my money.