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New member

May 3, 2020
Hi all, I live in the UK where sadly PC no longer operate but I have a cupboard full of product from several parties due to friends who were consultants.
Never been a baker so during lockdown thought I’d have a go but need some recipes so hope I find then here.


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Sep 8, 2008
I know that this site hasn't been AS active as it used to be, but you should be able to use google (or pinterest) to easily find tons of recipes. You can also check the PamperedChef.com website and search for recipes specific to certain products too. Look up a product, and then select the "recipes". I find any of those 3 methods to search for recipes works well. Just search the product you are looking for and add "recipes" (ie- Pampered Chef Rockcroc recipes (if searching Pinterest or Google sites)).

Good luck!