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New member & 1st yr as a PC Consultant

Aug 9, 2015
Greetings all! I am brand new to Chef Success. I heard about this site at National Convention.

I signed up Nov 2014 to help my my director reclaim her directorship and my son wanted "the good stuff" in his kitchen when he moved out. He didn't want to settle for cheap after growing up using PC. I thought I would bail directly afterwards I helped them both but I am still in it. I must admit I have been my best customer, err make that my husband.

I am need of a Gift Certificate template and find it so very odd that PC doesn't post a standard template. I thought this forum might be the best place to find one.

Susan "Sue" Shaw
O'Fallon, IL


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Staff member
Dec 6, 2005
Welcome! I know you'll find great information here.