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New gal

Feb 15, 2016
Hi All,

I'm a new consultant. I am floundering around a little as I joined a team that is in a state roughly a 15 hour drive away from me! I have (for years and years) bought my PC stuff from an old high school friend in Tennessee. I finally decided I was tired of not finding anyone local to buy from and just signed up to sell. I live in Maryland, but wanted to make sure my friend got the credit for me signing on and joined under her. Problem is her team and their support meetings all happen in Tennessee and I'm out here in Maryland.

I am so super happy to have found this group. While the director of the team in Tennessee couldn't be more supportive offering (no pushing to make sure I don't get "too nice" and not want to bother her) for me to text her questions; it's so much easier to have a cache of Q&As in a forum like this.

Many thanks to whoever created the group.



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Apr 14, 2004
Welcome Chef Success! Glad you found us. There is all sorts of awesome information here from theme shows, to product and demo ideas.