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Pampered Chef: New Fac recipe to demo...

  1. Bluiydangl

    Bluiydangl Member

    Title should be new FAV recipe..... yeah I can't type. :)
    Warm Lemon Cakes-
    so I am 28 weeks pregnant- and knew I had to cut down what I took to my show today- and mentioned the warm glazed lemon cakes to my host, we decided on those. I ONLY packed for the cakes. I decided to take my silicone foral pan to bake them in instead of 6 prep bowls, becase the cupcake pan makes 12 and prep bowls only make 6... So I packed, my classic batter bowl, one prep bowl to melt butter in, a measure all cup, a mini measure all cup, small mix n scraper, mircoplane, whisk, cake tester, cooling rack, adjustable measuring spoon, silicone brush, and a honing paring knife. now this may seem silly. I fit it all into my bag, with catalogs and lapboards. I also took 29 minutes to dinner, and a pineapple wedger- because I always have people ask about both items.

    Now we only had 4 people, but she had $150 in sales! So when someone asked about a product I didn't have, I explained what I could but mentioned I could bring it to their show if they were curious. now this was a step for me- because I have always carried a tool turn about, with all the gizmos to share. I passed around a seasons best- and had the guests write a memory of the host or describe her in one word. And forgot to pack door prize slips- whoops! but remembered I had a small mix n scraper in the car- made them talk into like a mircophone, while cakes were cooking- and told them whoever had it when cakes were done won it. They could only say "uhm" twice then had to pass it, and could ask questions, share favorite products, whatever came to mind about PC. one asked if I had to buy catalogs, one asked how much it cost to start the business, other good Q's, but I thought it was 10 minutes well spent waiting for the cupcakes to bake, and interacting with guests they didn't realize it was 10 minutes, and who knows the one could be a potential recruit one day. :)

    So thought I would share. :)
    Aug 1, 2009
  2. esavvymom

    esavvymom Legend Member Staff Member

    Good for you! I know I need to whittle down what I take to shows. I hate carry too much. I'm learning- no one even looks at most of what is brought- ALTHOUGH, today they actually did. I sold several collapsible bowls (those are easy to bring no matter what though), and a couple bamboo bowls- for the first time. But really, the rest isn't that necessary!

    And kudos for getting folks involved! My guests usually are 'bumps' on logs! :D I had incorporated a reasonably successful ticket game at last nights show- but tonight's got all messed up, and never played. (long story)

    I need to relisten to some past conference seminars. i have two on my iPod- one with David Meenan (the 2.2 MILLION Dollar man!) and Feriale Yan- both doing "Be a Master Seller". David's seminar talked about demoing- WITHOUT the product....loved it. :D Need to practice it!

    Thanks for sharing. :)
    Aug 1, 2009
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