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New Development



Hi all :D !
I am VERY new to this group...another rep in another cluster I'm with recommended this site to me.
There is a new (very expensive) development that's growing in my town. I want to get my name in there, but I know we can't (legally) just drop a brochure in their mailboxes. What would you all recommend to "send" to these people? I thought of "Welcome, New Homeowner" flyers with a mini catalog. OR a little bitty with the new host/guest promos for Jan/Feb.
Does anyone recommend something? With the holidays, my mind is mush lately! :confused:



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May 6, 2005
From what I understand, you can attach a flyer or brochure to the OUTSIDE of their mailbox and that's legal. I suppose unless there's some "No Solicitation" sign posted in the development or something. I've done that in my subdivision. I think the mini catalogs are a good idea. Or a nice flyer that grabs attention. I have one that came from my upline that puts Jan and Feb on the same page. You could always copy this on one side and a letter on the other. Good luck! I hope this nets you lots of business!


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Apr 13, 2004
Outside of the mail box...

Is fair game. I am constantly finding flyers from Avon, Candlelight and a few others that are rubberbanded to my door knob. Never in the mail box but where I can easily find it. And unless they slip in and out of a window, the door knob works the best.

Lisa S

Nov 14, 2004

I spoke to a person at our post office a few months back about the whole "inside the mailbox vs. outside the mailbox" discussion...

I was told very specifically that we are not allowed to touch the mailbox at all! We are not to leave any literature in or on the mailbox that has not been delivered by a postal service carrier.

If someone reports that you are leaving flyers in or on their mailbox you can accumulate hefty fines from the postal service.

Definitely leave flyers on the door. I know a lot of people use rubberbands to attach flyers to the handles. Another idea I heard was to attach your flyer to the door using a magnetic business card - as most doors on new house are made out of metal.

Suggest they host a party to meet their new neighbors and allow friends to see their new home.

Good luck!

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
Get Bold

After moving to a new area where we knew NO ONE I had to re-start my business from scratch.

I wanted to capitalize on the new developments as well. So I employed an idea from The Lemonaid Lady (Christie Northup). She suggests going door to door. Actually knock on the door and speak to people. Introduce yourself as a PC consultant and say, "I will be doing a kitchen show in your neighborhood would you like to attend?" If the answer yes have a clipboard ready to take down their name and info. Let them know you will get back with them on the date and time. Keep your eyes and ears out for that one overly enthusiastic person. The one that jumps on you and says, "OH I LOVE the Pampered Chef!!" She/he will be your host. Let them know you already have x number of names of people willing to attend the party and that you just need her to set the date.

This really works! I did have one flop, but if I track the results of that "flop" I realize that alot of business actually came from it. When I say flop I mean that no one wanted to host but 13 wanted to attend. So I decided to host in my home. Well only 2 showed up. One booked and from her party which was $300 in sales I got 2 more bookings. One which closed over $600 and from that party...you know how it goes.

Good luck!! There are tons of ideas on this site. Search through some older posts. Also, see if your cluster has any of The Lemonaid Lady's books. She has ideas for getting bookings at all times of the year. Some of her ideas are really out there, but worth trying. Especially if you don't have any business now...what do you have to lose?


How'bout this?

Thanks for the ideas everyone!!!
Now, would it be better to try these, or just send out the info packets? I don't recall "seeing" any signs for NO SOLICITATION, but it might be better to mail than to upset these people.
How do I find this "Lemonaid Lady"? Does she have a website?
You girls are great! :)

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
Lemonaid Lady

If you want to try the info packets I say go for it. Before you do it though weigh the cost/benefit ratio. Mass mailings can be quite expensive and you don't have a way to follow up with them after they've received your info. Just my 2 cents. I am one though who tries just about everything at least once.

The Lemonaid Lady's website is www.partyplanpeople.com She has loads of valuable information on her site and in her books.

Good luck, honey!


The mailbox is definitely off limits

Inside, outside, all around the house...I mean box. You cannot use the mailbox - it's technically federal property and as mentioned by another poster you will accumulate fines if someone reports you or the postal carrier removes your flyers and brings them back to the postmaster.

Why don't you see if you town's local chamber of commerce does a welcome wagon packet? My town does and for a minimal annual cost to be a member of the chamber, I get to include flyers that I provide to the chamber for use in the packet.

Also, Nancy's Artworks has a really neat door hanger for those houses you stop at where no one is home (or pretending not to be home :)