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New Consultant Program

Feb 15, 2005
My first super starter month was February and I only submitted 2 shows for $800 - I didn't meet the $1250 sales to get my super starter kit month one. But I am reading that consultants can qualify in other ways. 4 parties of $150 at least, does anyone know how this is going to work?

Feb 17, 2005
I'm a little confused about the new super starter rules too. I think I qualify now, but I want to make sure. February was my 3rd super starter month and I submitted about $1800 in sales, however, I was not nearly as successful in months 1 & 2. I would assume I am qualified since I submitted over $1250 in sales, even though it was only in 5 shows. Also, I know if you go over $1250 during super starter months the extra sales go into a "bank" - so you can earn additional bonus packages. What happens to the extra I "banked" this month? I don't have anything from previous months in my bank.


Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
The new consultant rules apply even if you signed up under the old rules. That means if you have 4 shows with $150 in sales, you are qualified OR if you have $1250 in sales (total) you are qualified.

I am not sure how it works for the banked amounts. If your super starter months are over, I would assume they are gone. If not, they go into the next month.

CONGRATULATIONS on submitting $1800 in your first 3 months. Keep up the great work!