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New consultant, on a roll.....

Apr 25, 2016
Hi all!
My name is Alicia Messenger, and I am a new consultant from Rochester, Ny! I have a 4 year old and am due with baby #2 in August, and I just began my Pampered Chef business as I am trying to exit from 11 years of teaching in urban schools. My aim is to contribute to family finances while I figure out my next steps, and to be a better mom who is more present for my family, without the stress and safety-risks of the position I'm working on leaving. I'm glad to start, but I've gotten a FAST start, and I have quite a few parties piled up that aren't your average joes- a fundraiser freezer meal for a friend whose husband has brain cancer, salad in a jar, 2 fast easy meals for people with no prep time/very little interest in cooking, and a host requesting a chocolate fondue party. I've thus far only had my launch party, which was successful, putting me almost to my $1,250 30 day goal already.

Any luck, warm fuzzies, tips, or recipes would be appreciated! :) I'm glad to have such a great community to walk into and get ideas!
Nov 10, 2016
Hi Alicia! How did everything go? Your parties seem super creative and right up my alley. Did you intentionally think outside of the box or did your clients make these suggestions? I'd definitely be interested in learning more about the logistics of each party.