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Pampered Chef: New Consultant Jitters

  1. Hi, I am thinking of becoming a PC host and have a few questions/concerns. First off, I am a college student and go to school as well as have a part time job. I am just afraid that PC will be too much. I know that I can work how ever much I want, but isn't there a minimum you have to meet to keep being a consultant with the company? Is running a business really complicated?
    Also, I am worried that there might be too many consultants in my area. I live in a town of about 100,000 and don't know how popular being a consultant is. I've been to one party and I know my mom has been to one or more. I don't want people to get tired of these things...
    Lastly, I am living with my parents this summer and my mother will probably help me out a little because she knows A LOT of people. The only thing she worries about is putting too much pressure on her friends to buy. She doesn't want them to feel like they are OBLIGATED to buy things from me. Though without her, I don't know if I could get started that easily! Has anyone else felt that way? I know people, especially friends, want to help out, but she just doesn't want to put pressure on them.

    Thank you so much!
    Jun 10, 2005
  2. pelamm

    pelamm Member


    One thing you can try is to offer a different kind of Pampered Chef Kitchen Show. Find out what kind of things these people might like to see. Plus, if they have purchased before, they will gladly be talking about what they love using, helping you during the show.

    Regarding websites, you can buy your website thru PC, it is $72 for a year.

    And catalog sales can be combined with other shows, or they can be sent in individually. If you have several orders, you can even enter yourself as the host so you can build your kit, or have a Mystery Host show.

    This website is a great resource. You can search for most anything you have a question on.

    I would love to work with you if you don't already have a recruiter.

    Paula in TN
    Jun 10, 2005
  3. Brianne

    Brianne Novice Member

    Additional thoughts

    There is work involved outside of doing the actual show. To have a successful show for you and the host, you'll need to devote time every week in coaching your hosts and preparing yourself. You will also want to make calls to guests (at the very least) after they've received their products to make sure that they're happy with them and know how to use them.

    I've found that actually running the business isn't as difficult or frustrating when I'm working on it a little every day. When I'm working my business every day, the work doesn't seem as overwhelming and I feel on top of it.

    Yes, there is a sales requirement of $250 every two months in order to remain an active consultant. But think of it this way: A minimum Kitchen Show total is $150, so that's only 2 small shows a month and you don't have to worry about it!

    I understand that you appreciate your Mom being willing to help. It's great that she's supportive of you. :) Try to think of people other than her and her friends who might be willing to host a show for you, or to place an order. What about your college friends and their Moms? I'm sure that your professors are busy and would appreciate learning how to cut down their time in the kitchen. Same thing with your co-workers! Prospective customers are all around you!

    I'd be happy to talk with you more about this, if you'd like. My email is [email protected] or you can call me at 760-828-2640.

    Good luck!!! :D
    Jun 11, 2005
  4. chefloriray

    chefloriray Guest

    Trust me...you will find alot of interested hosts in your area! I live in a town of 2400...have sold for 7 years...and am still having shows! With a town of the population you live in your posibilities are endless plus I dont think you will run into consultants as often as you think. I sold when I was going to college part time and had a full time job. ALWAYS carry a catalog with you to college and work and lay it out so people can see it...then they pick it up and there is the start of your conversation ;) Pampered Chef is definately something people do not get tired of...they absolutely love it and cant wait for new products to come out every 6 months! Your possibilities are endless..this site is full of information! Try it for 6 months if you love it keep going...if you dont you have a kitchen full of awesome products! Let us know what you decide and Good Luck!
    Jun 11, 2005
  5. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    Congratulations on deciding to start your own business. What a GREAT thing to have on your resume right out of college! That should impress potential employers.

    One of the GREAT things about Pampered Chef is that it can work for ANYONE from 18 years old to 80 years old! You can work as much or as little as you want. You can fit your shows around your class schedule each semester. You can do as few shows or as many shows as you would like each month.

    Obviously if you do a lot of shows, you will be busier. There are several college students in our cluster and it works well for them. Around exams, they reduce their show schedule so they can study.

    As far as not having enough shows, you can have as many shows as you want weather it is a small town or large town. I live in a smaller town and there are many consultants, but have never had the problem of not getting shows or stepping on another consultants host.

    Have you talked with your recruiter about your concerns? Feel free to ask any questions here.
  6. ladybug

    ladybug Member

    Not a $250 minimum

    The minimum to stay active is actually $200 in a 2 month period, and you don't "stop" being a consultant so it is not really like a quota. When you are inactive, you do not get the Kitchen Consultant News or web updates. As long as it is within a year, whenver you get that $200 in sales, you become active again. I got all of this clearly spelled out for me when I started b/c it was a concern of mine.

    As everyone else said, it is your business, so it is as busy as you make it. Whatever you have time for, that's what you'll do... just don't be surprised when you fall in love with the whole thing and find yourself thinking about it and working on it 24 hrs a day. I think many of us thought of it as something we would do the "least" of, only to find it is so rewarding that you try to do the most!!!
    Jun 12, 2005
  7. Im A Newbie Too!!

    First off I would like to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Lisa and I live in PA. I am married to a wonderful man and have 3 great kids!(we are adopting a new baby boy Dec.) I have been to many partys and have bought numerous products. I decided that I wanted more. My husband was serving in Iraq(with the Army) and was shot and was medically discharged, I freaked! I was beginning to wonder how we were going to survive. Well VA and SS Disabilty came through and I relaxed some, but was tired of just sitting at home. Then I went to my friends PC party,and then and there I knew exactly what I wanted to do! SELL PC!! So here I am! LOL. I purchase my Start Kit Thursday, have my first 6 kitchen parties for Sept. booked, 2 catalog partys booked and one catalog party ready to be turned in. My question(finally!!LOL) is what can I be doing now to get my new business off the ground. Ive been looking at all the great information on this site and I must say WOW!! You girls are AWESOME!! Im soo happy I found this site!!! I know I will get all the help I need here! Any help, ideas and pointers are more then welcome!!The more the better! Like what is PP, info about the PC debit card and etc. etc.!

    Sorry so long!!!

    Lisa :D
    Aug 29, 2005
  8. rwesterpchef

    rwesterpchef Advanced Member

    Welcome Lisa and congratulations on beginning your new business. In answering a couple of your questions:
    PP is our little acronym for "Pampered Partner". Pampered Partner is the software that will come in your starter kit. It allows you to input shows and submit the orders/shows on line rather than having to mail the information to HO (home office).

    The PC debit card is a debit card for Pampered Chef use only. It allows you to submit shows through Pampered Partner and the funds are directly withdrawn from your checking account.

    Two things I HIGHLY recommend to my new consultants:
    When you receive your password, go to Consultants Corner and print, print, print. Much of the reading will sound foreign until your receive your starter kit, which brings me to #2
    Secondly, read the "Recipe for Success" book that comes with your kit. Read it forward, read it backward, then match up your prints to what you've read. It all clicks and makes sense.
    Also, I don't know how your director or recruiter does it, but I like to meet with the new consultant personally and go over the kit together. It is very exciting, but may seem a little overwhelming at first because it's all so new to you. (that's why I like to meet with them. It keeps them from being overwhelmed with "proper terminology" :) ) After one week, you'll be teaching us how it's done! ;)
    Aug 30, 2005
  9. DebbieSM

    DebbieSM Member

    What part of PA are you from? I'm from northeastern, PA.
    Aug 30, 2005
  10. I am from Northwestern PA, about a 1 1/2 North of Pittsburg.

    Aug 30, 2005
  11. DebbieSM

    DebbieSM Member

    I'm from Scranton which is about 5 hours from where you are.
    Aug 30, 2005
  12. chefbilyeu

    chefbilyeu Member

    Where are you from, exactly? My sister lives in your area, and I frequent there often for shows. I'd love to have a referral person for that area on the dates I can't make it.
    Aug 30, 2005
  13. I live in OIl City, Its about a hour and a half from both Pittsburg and Erie PA. Righ smack dab in the middle of the big cities!!

    Lisa :D
    Aug 30, 2005
  14. Nervous about useing cheese grater at show.

    Hi january is my first month and i have a show this coming weekend, but the only thing is that when ever i use the cheese grater it seems to get clogged up all the chesse doe not come out. I am afraid this is going to happen at my show and it will make the cheese grater look like it sucks. Anyone have any tips on how to clear this problem? :eek:
    Jan 12, 2006
  15. Marg

    Marg Advanced Member

    Put your cheese in the microwave for a few seconds before you grate it. This brings the oils to the surface and makes it easy to grate. And don't squeeze the handle too hard - "the softer the cheese, the softer the squeeze". :D
    Jan 12, 2006
  16. pamperedbecky

    pamperedbecky Legacy Member

    Or when you get to the host's home, set the cheese out. If you forget, the microwave is a good quick fix, but I'm always afraid it'll get too soft in the microwave. :)
  17. Sk8Mom209

    Sk8Mom209 Advanced Member Gold Member

    Micro or Freeze?

    I heard you should freeze the cheese for about 10 minutes to firm it up and it will not clog in the barrel. I have never micro'd, just froze and it seems to work.
    Jan 12, 2006
  18. kcjodih

    kcjodih Legacy Member Gold Member

    Shari, freezing does work well too however I've found that microwaving for 5-6 seconds is perfect! AND so much easier to do than to remember to put in the freezer and then having to wait 10 minutes or more. That's just me :eek:
    Jan 12, 2006
  19. Marg

    Marg Advanced Member

    And most cheese tastes better at room temperature. :)
    Jan 12, 2006
  20. ShanaSmith

    ShanaSmith Veteran Member Silver Member

    Just another cheese grater tip. Sounds basic, but always rinse your grate in cold water first, then hot water to clean it. If you put it in hot water first you melt the cheese to the inside of the barrel.
    Jan 13, 2006
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