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Pampered Chef: New Consultant in Raleigh NC

  1. Hello:

    We just joined PC last Tuesday and got our Starter Kit Yesterday.
    We are a Husband and Wife team..
    Two weeks ago I had no idea that we would be getting into Pampered Chef.

    My wife came home from a pampered Chef party that a friend of our had.
    We talked for hours about the party and how much my wife loves to cook and wishes she could find a way to earn some side money incorporating her love of cooking. She has been using PC stuff for many years.

    We both looked at each other and said "Pampered Chef!!!"

    Then I thought: I know so many guys that love to cook. and a few that love to cook but don't want anyone to know!!

    I went to my first show (to just observe) the other night. I was the only man there and was accepted by all, They all thought it was a great idea to have an all male or couples party..

    Let me end with I love ChefSuccess.. I ran across it last week and have learned so much!!!

    Mar 14, 2009
  2. jcsmilez

    jcsmilez Advanced Member Gold Member


    Welcome to PC and to Chef Success! Best wishes as you launch your new business, you are already off to a great start having the support of one another. You will certainly find a lot of great resources here. :)
    Mar 14, 2009
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