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New Consultant Email Address

Jul 8, 2017
Hi I'm getting ready to sign up as a new consultant and I'm stuck with creating an email address. I have one on file at Pampered Chef, but that is one that gets a lot of mail and I'd really rather not use it. If I create a new email address, will Pampered Chef transfer all my order history, etc to this account? Also, my first name is super hard to spell so I was wondering if I'm allowed to use something more generic in my email? I know my website has to contain a name so I'm going to use my last name.


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Jan 19, 2006
Keep it as short, sweet and easy to remember as possible. You could use the initial of your first name plus your last name. If your last name is fairly common, you might find that you can't get access to that address.
I would think that if you accessed your customer account you are given the opportunity to change your email address.