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New - and need some advice!

Sep 6, 2016
Good morning fellow PC sales people! I'm new here, and I've only been selling PC for a few months. I have the opportunity to register myself for a couple of holiday craft/vendor fairs, and I'm trying to find information about offering cash & carry style items (i.e. purchase stock myself and resell it). Do any of you do this already? Is it legit within the constraints of the consultants agreement? Any other advice you all might have is very, very welcome!

Thank you! --Kate


Silver Member
Feb 22, 2013
Good questions,
I'm doing my first event on Thursday but I know that alot do have some stuff for cash and carry.
From the Policy Guide
Although it is not required, you may choose to carry a small amount of inventory occasionally when exhibiting at a fair or for other special purposes. These orders can be placed on a Personal Order (see above).

Welcome and good luck.

Carolyn Romspert