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New and a bit cofused :)

Jan 11, 2006
February will be my SSM 1 and I am really excited. I am a bit confused about something though. I have read a few threads about the "sample products" and "change-up kits". Are these something that we need to order or does PC send them out to all consultants? Do we pay for these things?

Thanks. This is such a great site. Thanks to all who post...I have learned alot and feel really prepared for my first show this Friday.


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Jan 21, 2005
Pampered Chef automatically sends the change over-kit to all consultants. Depending on when you signed you may get the new information in your kit. If not they'll send it - no worries.

You will get information about purchasing samples of the new season's products at 50% off in your kit.

PS: Welcome to the PC family!!