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Never underestimate...


Aug 16, 2005
I had my first men's show tonight and didn't have too many expectations as far as sales and bookings go. In fact, I just briefly talked about the host benefits at the end when they were filling out their slips.

Well, I got 3 bookings, gave out some info. about fundraisers, I'll end up with $600+ in sales, and I sold about $200 of cookware (and the host wants the Prof. Family Skillet!). Only 7-8 men attended this Show! I have now learned to expect the unexpected! :D


Nov 12, 2005
Wow, Awesome! Sounds like I could use an all Men's show!! You are right though, never underestimate the unknown. Some of the shows I have thought were going to be awful, ended up having several bookings, and great sales. :)
Mar 20, 2006
just goes to show you never rule out anyone..they just may be your best customer yet..Great job


Novice Member
Feb 1, 2006
I agree, I had a men's show this weekend for my husband. I use the word 'show' liberally here because I demo'd nothing (ok used a few items obviously while refilling the food buffet) and only had a display (strategically placed by the drinks). My husband had written on the barbq invite, in small font at the bottom, that there would be an opportunity to get your mother's day shopping done with Pampered Chef in addition to barbq and movie men's hang out party.

Before it even started I was skeptical. I was glad my husband was having the get together and knew it would be fun for them, so already it was a win win, but skeptical and hopeful about the PC part. In the end the men came to me and in 15mins made over $200 in orders, then moved on to their business and that was it. It was the fastest and easiest money I ever made. Sure I'd like it to have been a bigger show but 4 people, 15mins and no demo? I think it went pretty well.

Men definitely shop different than women, it was really funny for me and I wouldn't mind doing another men's show in a heartbeat!