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Pampered Chef: Never been to a PC home show

  1. Shell


    I am a fairly new kitchen consultant. I have a home show scheduled in a a little over 2 weeks, with 28 confirmed guests. Needless to say I am somewhat scared.
    My direcor lives in another state and I am not able to attend one of her shows or any of the consultants in her downline shows. She has contacted a director out my way and I am waiting to her back from her.
    I need help. If anyone can give me ideas on how to set up, how to introduce yourself and the company to the guests, how do you greet guests and build rapport, what materials do you pass out to the guests, what recipes do you make, what food prep do you do ahead,what items do you present to the guests, how to get the guests involement, how do you introduce the host benefit program and business opportunity, how do you close the show with the host?
    Is there like an outline anyone has to help me? I would really appreciate any and all replies to this.
    Thanks in advance, Shell
    Feb 18, 2005
  2. PC4Sharon

    PC4Sharon Novice Member


    As a new consultant, you should have received in your Super Starter kit a "My First Show" video that will give you a great example of a standard kitchen show to get you started. Also the "Recipe for Success" manual gives you some examples & tips to follow. If you haven't seen the video or read through your manual I would suggest you do so soon. Both are great foundation tools for your business. Than as you learn you can adapt to whatever works best for you. If you haven't received either of these tools, I would contact your director or recruiter immediately so you can get them ASAP. Good Luck.

    Feb 18, 2005
  3. luvs2sellit

    luvs2sellit Advanced Member

    How exciting!!! I am fairly new to PC myself but I have hosted shows for years.
    If you are going to have 28 people you need to make sure you are going to cook enough to feed them! Just one of the popular rings will not feed that many people. I would suggest making something ahead of time and also making something at the party. The garden dip is easy to make as is the artichoke dip. These can be prepared before hand and then you can just tell your guests what went into making them and what utensils you used.
    Whatever you make in front of the guests make sure it is an easy recipe! Go over the ingredients before hand and be farmiliar with what you have to do.
    I can go on and on about ideas for your first show. One other important one is to make sure everyone fills out a information card. That way you can get a lot of leads for future parties.
    Good luck.
    Feb 18, 2005
  4. Good for you!

    Try one of the wonton appetizer recipes. bring 25 cups already cooked and fill at the show. There are 25 wontons in one package. Do another package supplied by your host. There should be plenty for all. I just did the berries and cream dessert wonton for a show and it was a big hit. I included a show stopper by creatin chocolate pinwheels to top off the wontons. I used the frozen chillzane platter insert under a piece of parchment. The choclate hardened in a few minutes and easily came off the parchment then I decorated the wonton cups with berries and the chocolate and dusted with powered sugar. Very elegant and easy. Use easy accent decorator to fill. Good luck.
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