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Pampered Chef: Need to clean out a little

  1. aksusan

    aksusan Member

    I've been inactive for almost a year now and am just getting around to going through stuff to clean out my "closet" aka spare room that I want to finish turning into a sewing room. Anyway, I've got these things to clean out. Some of them may not be of any use, but thought I would check. I'd like to send the whole bunch of it in 1 flat rate box ($13.95 shipping) from Alaska rather than having to pack up several little bits.

    payment check only - goods shipped after I get your check.

    If you're interested email me at alaskasusan@gmail.com - I don't get on here very often to check otherwise.

    Oh, and I don't have a set price for this stuff - so make me an offer for it and we'll go from there.

    58 - Cooking show planning guide (pub dates 3/07 & 9/07)
    1 pk – Wedding Shower planning guide (#EF68 pub date 3/06)
    19 Wedding Registry brochures (FK76 3/07)

    1 Fall/Winter ’07 Season of Success dvd
    1 Spring/Summer ’08 Spring into Success dvd

    Mini Catalogs
    14 Spring/Summer ‘07
    15 Fall/Winter 2007
    6 Holiday 2007
    17 Spring/Summer 2008

    Recipe Cards
    UNOPENED Pks 1 ea of 6 o’clock Salads & Sweet & Simple
    Opened packs (only a few missing from each)
    Taste of the Tropics/Spicy Shrimp Ceviche
    Island breeze Rum Cake
    Chocolate Bliss/Warm nutty caramel brownies
    Real Food Fast/Asian Pork & Noodle Skillett
    Taste of the Tropics/Jerk Chicken Salad w/”how to” peel/core a pineapple (2)
    Tangy Pepper pecan brie

    Cooking Show invitation post cards
    2 pkgs Taste of the Tropics
    1 package ea of Bites & Bevs, Chocolate Bliss, & Real Food Real Fast
    4 packs ea You’re Invited to a Cooking Show (FK01 3/07)

    7 – Fall/Winter 2007
    12 – Spring/Summer 2007
    Sep 18, 2009
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