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Need some Kid's in the Kitchen show ideas


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Feb 15, 2006
Hi everyone!
I am doing a Kid's Cooking class (with parents) in 2 weeks (booked yesterday) and need some ideas. The ages of the kids range from about 9 to 13.


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May 6, 2005
I've done shows with mostly younger kids, but I suppose this would work for older kids. I've always done the Tic Tac Toe pizzas where they all make their own, then we do the S'Mores Brownie Bites for dessert. I usually go through some rules of the kitchen, such as always washing hands first, letting a parent do anything oven-related or with sharp tools, not licking fingers and putting them in the food, etc. Somewhere I have a file that has cooking tips for kids and it's broken down by age ranges. I'm happy to post it once I found it because it's on my other computer. I'm sure it'll have age-relevant tips for the crowd you'll have.

My piece of advice is that especially when I do these with younger kids, you really don't get to do much of a demo where parents are listening. Maybe since yours will be older kids, you'll have better luck. Sometimes I've done a separate demo for the moms when the kids are done and off playing, but that does make for a long show. When I've done two segments of a show like this, it's always been on a weekend afternoon but they've both been $1000 shows when I've done them!! Everyone just needs to know it's a longer committment.

Once I find that file, I'll post it! :D
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Jan 17, 2006
Kids ideas

I love to do stations at my kids shows. I have tables set up with different foods and kitchen tools at each table. The audience of parents is facing us and I try to show off the products while the kids are doing it with me. First I start off with paper plates with each child's name on each station. For small shows two stations is great. The first station I usually do something with the Cut n Seal, either peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese in a sandwich. The second station where the kids move over with me to their assigned plates is small cakes I made in the prep bowls. I have one already made that I have in front for the kids to see. I chop M&M's with my food chopper and put them in bowls that are already filled with what I am doing, except I did it before the show. I slice some strawberries with the egg slicer. I have the EAD filled with whipped cream for each child to finish decorating their cakes at the end. I frost the cake with the spreader. I let the kids do this while I go on to explain to the parents the wonderful features of the products I have decided to highlight for the evening. I have made a delcious pizza in the oven on the large stone before everyone arrives. That can be to feed the moms! The kids can have either but usually want to eat what they made. While everyone is eating you can keep talking about the business, the guest special and the host special and benefits. Make it fun!!


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May 6, 2005
Well, here's a "cooking with kids" handout that wasn't the one I was thinking of that I had. Matter of fact I think I got this off of this website a while back. It does have some facts and tips divided up by age groups, so hopefully it'll help. I can't take credit for this whole wealth of information since I got it from here to begin with! :D

Oh and I'll also attach a handout I give out to parents that highlight good "kid" products since I don't go into a whole lot of detail about everything.


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