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Need some insight quick


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Feb 24, 2008

I am doing a vendor fair tomorrow and it's been awhile. I was a consultant from 07-12 and rejoined in January this year. This is my first booth in a long time. I know the basics and I'm all set with that and pretty sure I'm good with products I'm bringing to display. But looking for anything new that has worked for people.

Also I have a small selection of items that I will have on hand for cash and carry. I know a lot of people aren't a fan of that, and I never was either. However, due to my past and continuing to purchase items during my non consultant time, when I got my kit I already owned a majority of it, so I have those items. I also bought a few extra things from my kickoff party I hosted along with the free guest special as well. I figure I have it I'll see what I can sell of it.

Anyway my point on cash and carry is what is best way to display/have them available. I thought about having a list of the items and the prices but not sure how to display it etc.....


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Jan 19, 2006
I fear I'm too late to be of any help, but here goes nothing.

Keep your "display" items separate from your cash & carry. If you DO have room to display the cash and carry, have actual price stickers (tags, stickers) on those items.

Also, I do have a list of items that are cash and carry because unfortunately, I've accumulated more extra things than there is usually room to display.