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Need some information


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Sep 23, 2005
At my last show, we were discussing the micro-cooker, and someone complained that she tried to fix fresh green beans in her micro-cooker, and they over cooked- she wanted to know if there was a wattage issue, if some microwave ovens were too hot for the micro-cooker - I told her I had not run into that problem before, but I would look into it. I searched the threads, and nothing has been mentioned. Any suggestions?


Aug 5, 2005
The micro-cooker is great for cooking vegetables. I would tell this customer to make sure she dosent cook the beans for too long.
I know from reading the use and care that it only takes 6 min. to cook raw carrots! Thats fast.
Also there is no wattage issue. "micro cookers are ideal for use in all types and sizes of microwave ovens


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Nov 11, 2005
Micro-Cooker Wattage

Our microwave is newer and cooks everything much faster than the old one we had. I suggest you check tenderness half-way through the cooking process. :)


May 12, 2005
sometimes it only take a few second to have vegeteble cooked. Make sure that she check the amount she cook at ones. Because it wont take as much time for one person then if she was cooking for a family of 4.


Important rule to remember when cooking green beans (and wax beans):

when using the large micro-cooker there should only be about 1/4 (and never more than 1/3) cup of water for a pound of beans.

Perfect Beans directions: Wash, snip ends and cut into 1-inch pieces. Microwave (with the 1/4 c. water) on high for 6 minutes. Stir. Set aside for about a minute, uncovered. Microwave and additional 5 minutes. Set aside, <b>keeping covered</b> for 1 minute, THEN test. If they aren't done, microwave an additional 2 minutes. Let stand, covered, for 1 minute. Drain.

Forgot to add: after draining, put a pat of butter on top and allow to melt.

These are great when tossed with toasted almonds & a little lemon juice OR crispy bacon cubes & fried diced onions OR sliced green onions (a.k.a. spring onions, scallions) and about 1/2 TBSP horseradish
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