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Need some help


Advanced Member
Apr 3, 2006
I am having a hard time finding people to bbok shows, any suggestions. I just started in April and I hosted my own show, had my mom and sister do a catalog and cooking show. I also sent out letters and business cards to my family and friends telling them that I was a PC consultant. It has now been about over a week or two and I haven't heard from anybody. Do I call the people to ask them if they got the letter. My director has mentioned to me to maybe work at some fairs and maybe in the mall but we don't realy have any craft shows coming up and I don't know what you would do at the mall. Set up a booth and do what? I am up for any suggestions and ideas.
Thanks for all of the advice.



Novice Member
Apr 19, 2006
Call everyone that you sent business information to and don't be bashful about asking them to help you get your business started.;)


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May 6, 2005
Yep!! I found that if you ask people directly to do you a BIG favor and help you out to build your business by hosting a cooking show, you might have better luck. You need to stop out of that comfort zone and directly ask them. It may feel weird, but I know when I did it, I was pleasantly surprised how supportive everyone was. Obviously let them know the awesome host rewards because in all honesty, you're actually doing THEM a favor! Everyone is always surprised how much they end up getting as a host!

Try to ask people in person, but if that's not possible definitely do it over the phone and not via email. Let them also know that all of your cooking show hosts in your introductory period (SS1) get a little thank you of a sampling of our seasonings and coffees. Also, don't forget about asking all of your out of town relatives and friends to do catalog shows for you.

Good luck!!:D



One tip I learned from a training CD was to let people know why you are doing this. Call them up and let them know you are excited about the Pampered Chef opportunity and started your business to provide extra curricular activities for your kids, vacations for your family, to get out of debt or whatever your personal reason is then ask if they would be willing to partner with you by hosting a cooking show. When you ask and tell people why you are starting your business it makes it more personal.

As Becky and Lesa said, asking is the most important thing. While at times you may find business just comes your way, the large majority of your business will come from asking.

I found for me the scariest thing was what to do with a no answer. If you have a response for that you will feel more comfortable asking. When I get a no response I follow up with "Do you know of anyone who might be interested in the opportunity to have some friends over and earn lot's of great cooking tools?" If I still get a no then I ask "if you think of anyone who might be interested would you please call me or pass on my information?" I've yet to have anyone say no to the last one. They may not actually do it but it makes me feel better to not leave the conversation on a no response.

Good luck!