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Need School Fundraiser Advise



Help! I'm a new consultant and I've just convinced my children's school to do a fundraiser with The Pampered Chef. The school has a great program coming up in March that they are going to let me have a table at to display the products. I need some suggestions in how to make the flyer. I have read through the Fundraiser Info but would appreciate any advise! And if anyone has a flyer out there that I can look at, I'd appreciate that so much. I hate to reinvent the wheel. Any advise is greatly appreciated. I'm really nervous and hoping to make this a success. Thanks!


Nov 2, 2005
I can't give great advice just yet, since I'm in the middle of my first fundraiser for a preschool. BUT, I started it on Monday, and I did a kickoff showing--made two recipes-banana split brownie pizza and carmel corn (mostly for the kids) made the recipes at home ahead of time, so at the school I just sat there and talked with the parents.

All I can say is, everyone was excited and I got a recruit from it too! she is signing next week. That was my main reason for pre-doing the recipes-so I would have time to talk with the parents.

Woohoo! :)