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Need Recipe Idea -

Sep 6, 2005
My husband is taking a trip in the next few weeks. I told him I would send him off with a little extra spending money if he would do a catalog show for me - I would let him keep the commission earned off that show. I sent him to work with a couple of catalogs and he's done pretty well so far. I thought of an idea to send him to work tomorrow with a simple recipe for his co workers to try out - thought maybe it would boost sales a little. They love to eat and I know they would love some kind of breakfast type/bread recipe. I really wanted to send him with some beer bread cubed with some type of dip, but I just ordered it and it didn't come in on time. Does anyone have any ideas of what I could send him with????


Advanced Member
Jan 27, 2005
These muffins are really good and really easy to make!


  • Cinnamon Crunch Cobblestone Muffins.doc
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