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Need Recipe Advice


Silver Member
Nov 24, 2005
Okay so I was out with my best friend tonight to go over her party Saturday night... my first show too. So while shopping and spending our money at Michaels, we discussed some recipe ideas. I came up with the Peachy Cheese Coffee Cake from the "All the Best" cookbook. This would show off the large stone and a few other products. I was thinking of making the pecan butter tarts to show off the mini muffin pan, but Amy is not big on butter tarts. So... now I'm stuck with coming up with another recipe. I thought something quick. I thought I could do the Garden Dip, also in the "All the Best" cookbook. I will show off the chef knife, the deluxe cheese grater and I could cut some of the veggies with the crinkle cutter. What do you think? I thought I could make the dessert first since it has to go in the oven. While that is baking I can make the dip and show off those tools. By the time the dip and veggies are cut and made, the dessert will be baked and can cool down.
I noticed there are some great cooking tips on the margins of the recipes. I might have to use some of them!!!



Legend Member
Oct 6, 2005
Honestly, I would stick to just one recipe. That's a lot to keep track of for your first show.

While the coffe cake is baking, you can play a game, talk about other products or whatever...no need to stress yourself out!