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Need opinions!



I just won a $25 gift certificate to VIP and need some opinions on what I should get. I like 3 items and want to make sure I get the most form the gift certificate. The first is the new T-Shirt, it is $10 and it has the logo on the front across the chest and comes in bright colors. The second is the new black golf shirt. The third is the pink V-Neck shirt with the logo on the left chest and The Pampered Chef spelled out on the right sleeve. These are both $25.

I don't know which to get. I know I could wear the golf shirt and V-neck to my shows, but could I wear the T-Shirt? I don't want to look too casual. But I could get 2 T-Shirts for less than one of the others, so that has its plusses. Of course, I am not sure about the colors of the T-Shirts, they are a bit bold for me, but they definitely get noticed.

Does anyone have a golf shirt? I remember at conference last year when I saw one on display and I don't think I liked it, but I can't remember why.

I want something that I can wear to my shows AND out and about.

Thanks for any help in advance! :)


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Jun 29, 2005
Gosh I don't know what to tell you. I am wanting to get something too, but I hadn't actually planned on getting it to wear to my shows. I was just going to wear my regular dress clothes and apron. Since it is getting cold I was thinking of ordering the pink hoodie (not real crazy about the pink, but not real crazy about the green one that says core values either). At one of my meetings, fellow consultants said they always get a response to their shirts when they wear them out in public. That was my main reason for wanting one.


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Aug 11, 2005
I would *definitely* buy PC shirts to wear wherever (btw, I've worn casual clothes to 2 of my shows now and have been fine -pressed jeans, heels and a nice t-shirt).

I was at my son's hockey practice on Monday, and another mom came running over to me, pointing at my t-shirt and asking 'oh my god, do you sell pampered chef??? I NEED stuff!'. The next day, she called me and ordered $132.00 worth of stuff ;)

Think of it as advertising more than work clothes, buy what you wear out (cuz I guess if they are already at a PC show, you don't need to advertise to them anymore).

Just my (limited) experience, hope it helps!


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Apr 12, 2005
Congrats on winning the gift certificate though vip. I haven't won one yet but I'm hoping I will soon. I agree I would get PC shirts and some other type of advertising it will help promote your business when you are out and about.

If it were me I would probally get 2 t-shirts you could get 1 black and then 1 yellow, orange or green. They are also $10. I love the other shirts too matter of fact they are all in my shopping cart awaiting payday.
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Jul 6, 2005
I have the pink

shirt you are talking about , I love it it is kinda stretchy cute ! I wear it to all of my shows i never know what to wear so having this shirt makes it real easy now ! One less thing to worry about !! I would say to order one size up they shrink a little when you wash them !! My recruiter has it in the green to , i didnt think i liked that color but in person it looks nice !