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Need New Ideas

Feb 4, 2005
:rolleyes: : Hello everyone, I am new to this and I just have to say that I really love chef success!! It's great. I just completed my 4th month with Pampered Chef and so far have been really successful. I love it! I need some quick and easy recipes. I have been doing the taco ring, chicken ring and some kind of dessert. I need a new or different appt. recipe. Would really appreciate your tips and ideas. Thanks



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Dec 29, 2004
I love doing the garden ranch pizza because it shows off a lot of products. I also like doing the apple crisp - not everyone knows stones are microwavable, and making this dish in the microwave shows them how easy it can be!


Mar 8, 2005
Lots of recipes are quick and easy

Ask your recuiter for recipes. In the Seasons Best Cookbooks, the last 2 are for Super Starter Kits. I have 4 favorite recipes. 2 are appetizers( Aloha Pizza & Hot Pizza Dip w/ bread) and 2 are desserts( Decadent Chocolate Dessert Pizza & Peanut Buster Pizza). I can email you these recipes if you like?! Hope this helps. Good Luck! Brandy :) ;) :p :D


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Feb 3, 2005
You should have the Season's Best that came with your kit. The last two recipes for each section of the Season's Best is especially for Super Starters. You can make the recipes with only the products in your kit. You can also download the recipes from Consultant's Corner.


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Feb 19, 2005
good recipe

I really like the Taffy Apple Pizza in the All the Best cookbook pg 92. It is a good recipe that tastes excellent. It uses apples and would be good to do during apple season to sell the APCS!

I like to do the Mexicali cornbread squares that can be used for an appetizer. Just bake the cornbread before the demo or do a second demo while it cooks. This recipe is also in the All the Best cookbook pg. 26. Can you tell I like that cookbook!

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Taco Ring

The Taco Ring in the All The Best cookbook is great. It showcases our cookware and our stoneware and almost everyone loves the ingredients. Also, if you use the Southwestern Seasoning Mix, you can show off the versatiility of our Pantry Seasonings! And, you even get some garnishing in there by using the v-shaped cutter to cut a pepper to hold salsa. This has been a great recipe for me.
Also, don't forget about our Celebrations Shows. These usually have good recipes too! :)
Feb 20, 2005
Favorite Recipes to do at shows

My favorites are: Chicken Enchilada Ring (celebrations), Taffy Apple Pizza (all th best), Apple Nut Ring (found on PC website). Everyone loves them! When I do the Chicken Enchilada Ring I put sour cream in the Easy Accent Decorator and pipe that in between each triangle when we are ready to eat. I sell lots of those! I also use 1 large flour tortilla -baked in the classic batter bowl 15 minutes for a bowl of salsa in the middle. To make a nice presentation- my specialty when I go to family gatherings- us lift and serve to get it onto a platter, fill center with shredded lettuce (using crinkle cutter), place tortilla bowl in center of that and fill with salsa.
Feb 20, 2005
Cinnamon Tortilla Desert Cups

We just tried the cinnamon tortilla desert cups from the new seasons best at our team meeting. So easy and they look so impressive! I find that people love that! Anything they can do easily to impress people! You need the stone muffin pan to do them. We scooped vanilla ice cream into them and instead of using the mango salsa we made mini chocolate sundaes: chopped oreos and nuts with the chopper, topped with that and chocolate syrup and then cool whip with Easy Accent Decorator. These will be fun for summer shows!

Also- make these cups without the cinnamon and use for chicken salad- great bridal shower idea!