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Need more bookings asap!!!

Dec 14, 2012
Hello everyone,

i have been a consultant for a year this last August. I have loved my first year in, and I love the people I work with as well as the hosts I work with and the great products I bring and use on a daily basis.

Although I had a great first year, I have struggled with getting bookings. I've talked to my team leader numerous times about it...and everything she suggests I've already done. My mom did a catalog show, I had a lady from the church host a show, two friends, and a lady I met at a vendor event. It is that time of year again for my friends show to do their show and I'm hoping I will get more bookings at them. The lady I met at the vendor event was a good customer, until she ordered without paying so I don't want to ask her to do a show again. But looking back thru the list of past hosts I don't have many friends outside my circle to choose from...

I've offered to a few other direct selling friends that I'm willing to flip shows with them, and so far everyone I've asked already told me 'no.'

I have tried to do vendor events the last year and everytime I do one, they cancel last minute. I'm hoping to have 2 in November, but I'm praying that they don't cancel! I have done my customer care calls, I've offered the church a chance to do a fundraiser (that got turned down), I've offered incentives, and everything I read is something I've already tried. I've tried going to different businesses without much success. My director suggested an express show, I asked a few people if they would be interested in it and they all said no. I wear logo wear wherever I go...

Does anyone have any different ideas for getting more bookings??? I'm so stuck..I need some shows for the fall with Christmas coming.

Any help would be appreciated...

Thank you


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Mar 21, 2007
Borrowed from another forum

Pick up the Phone"
1. Call 10 people a day and don't stop with 3 bookings.
2. Family members for past promises.
3. Call past hostesses to renew 10% discount.
4. Host your own show; have an open house.
5. Gift for current host that has 2 bookings when you walk in the door.
6. Call outside orders from shows.
7. Offer a FREE new fall product.
8. Offer to bring the food for the show; Express Show.
9. Call during "Power Hour."
10. Wear PC clothes and jewelry everywhere for the next week.
11. Check old receipts for lots of circled items.
12. Call up for favors.
13. Exchange shows with other Direct Sales representatives.
14. Mystery Hostess show
15. Customer Care calls
16. Product interest calls—“Out of the box” calls—just calling to see if your product is “out of the box” and how you like it!
17. Call and share the discontinued list
18. Take a simple PC recipe to your Doctor's office.
19. Ask your tax preparer to have a show
20. Drop new catalogs with flyers off at bank, doctors, nail salon, etc.
21. Promote the new catalog
22. Specific dates get specific gifts
23. Go to mall and advertise what you do
24. Raffle a non-PC item along with PC items
25. Have a couples show
26. Offer gifts/gift certificates
27. E-mail specials to everyone.
28. Offer to write and send invitations for host.
29. School bingo's and functions; donate PC gift certificate
30. All show incentives, designed for host.
31. Pass out info to Moms, coworkers, friends, and follow-up immediately.
32. Call past high show host.
33. Run a contest for all prospective hostesses-make it good.
34. Call all past leads. (Maybes and yes)
35. Call church/school for fundraiser
36. Plan social event at your house for kids and parents
37. Call anyone you're involved with in Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, sports, nursery schools, etc.
38. Ask spouse to ask his work people to have a show.
39. Talk up "THEME SHOWS."
40. Talk about your business-ALWAYS!
41. E-mail database
42. Have bookings log
43. "Call-In" show
44. Call anyone who hasn't rescheduled from their postponement date.
45. Discount at different times, EX: 25% off for first week, 15% off for second week of the month, etc.
46. Door prize slips with specials marked; it's now your hostess special.
47. Free stone/free cookbook
48. Do a fair booth
49. Book your fence-sitter recruit leads
50. Follow through with everything and don't ever give up!