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Need ideas


Mar 21, 2006
I'm a new consultant, and I have a friend that agreed to book a show -- but she wants to do an "Open House" type show with multiple vendors! There will be other consultants there from Discovery Toys, Tastefuly Simple and Party Lite and of course I'll be there representing Pampered Chef. I'm imagining that I will probably set up a table with products -- but at a show like this, would I demonstrate a recipe or what? I don't know if I'll have everyone's undivided attention -- but maybe that's not important? Maybe I just demonstrate a recipe for anyone who'll watch?

Has anyone done something like this before? Can you give me suggestions?


Beth in PA


Mar 3, 2006
Sounds like this could be fun!! I would not demo anything. I would just have something made before hand there to get them to your table to eat!! Once ther you have there attention to talk to them. You might want to have some carrots or something so they could try the products if they wanted to. Just keep it informal and fun, relax and small talk with everyone. HTH!


Veteran Member
Jun 22, 2005
I have done things like that before.
Don't do a demo, people are going to be roaming from room to room, looking at everything.
Have products displayed, and maybe make some wonderful food, that will knock the socks off them and be way better than the other food there - I made Strawberry Bruschetta and everyone loooved it! and it's easy and a good make ahead. The recipe is posted on here somewhere, I think under the HWC recipes

Just remember this... when people are invited to something with several options... they may not choose you. The may buy a lot from someone else, and not have any or very little money left to spend with you.

It may not even be enough to make a show!
But if you send email invitations out to everyone you know, and all the other consultants do the same, you may have better luck.
You need a ton of people there!

If you have some of the newer products, like the Microplane, that is an awesome one to demo with a lemon, or cinnamon sticks... most people are familiar with PC that they can look at a catalog and order!
Best of luck with it!
DEFINITELY have them fill out survey drawing slips, so you'll be able to call them in a few days, and talk about bookings more, etc.

mary k

Silver Member
Mar 1, 2006
Opean house

I hosted one of these several time and just charged the people what it cost me by dividind it by the number of people I had.
I had 25 vendors and it didn't hurt me. Igot 200.00 in sales.
I did not serve food because the little ones will eat everything up in half hour.
I did just a demo:rolleyes: .


Silver Member
Feb 3, 2006
Did this once and what I noticed was people go for a specific vendor if they are used to them. Have to make your set up attractive and have a raffle for something small or a free cooking show. Could also have a Pampered Chef pool! For $2.00 a square they buy one and the winner gets to spend that in product