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Need Ideas for Grilling Contest


Feb 16, 2006
A couple of PC ladies from my cluster and I are entering a rib grilling contest in my town. It's an annual town event, rather fun for all. Great turn out, lots of opportunity to promote PC. We thought it would be a good way to promote our grilling products and PC, plus it'd be fun.

I just have never grilled ribs before. I better starting practicing. Any recipe recommendations? Also any creative team name ideas? I thought of the "Grilling with the PC Ladies" or "Grilling with the Pampered Chef Gals"...

I need help, I really want this to go well.:eek:
Mar 2, 2006
I do ribs, If you can choose, go with the boneless country style ribs (little more $, but worth it IMO). If you can "prep" them at home, boil them just a bit (5-10 minutes) in some water. Then soak them in a bbq sauce (mixture) for as long as you want (I usually soak mine for 5+hours.) For my mix, I use bbq sauce, honey or karo syrup (to sweeten) just taste it and get it right before adding the ribs. Also, you want to cook them slowly... that is the important part.. Good luck.. and hope that this helps