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Need ideas for door hangers

Feb 14, 2005
I am also new to PC! I wanted to increase bookings in my area & was thinking of going door to door in a new neighborhood. I was looking for some ideas to place on door hangers, (the paper hangers to leave on door knobs). Any ideas would be great! Also, has anyone tried this? Thanks! Lara


Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
At conference one of the speakers was the LemonAid Lady, Christie Northrup. She is a riot and has great ideas ( http://www.lemonaidlady.com ) One of her ideas was to go to a neighborhood with a clipboard and paper with name, address, phone number. Go to the first house and introduce yourself as a Pampered Chef consultant doing shows in your neighborhood. A neighbor would be having a show and would like to invite you. Have them write their info on the paper. Do this for several houses. When you get to a house and the person is going on and on about how they LOVE PC, tell them THEY can have a show and you have all the guests lined up (show the clip board).

Haven't tried it, but it sounds fun.
Feb 13, 2005
That sounds great fun Ginger, but what would you tell them if they asked what neighbor was having a party?