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Need help!


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Apr 13, 2004
I attended a training show and was amazed at what I had been doing wrong. :mad: Two major points: 1) I concentrate too much on recipe and products and 2) I forgot to use the "tools" at hand to promote bookings or for that matter even talk about bookings during the show at all.
I found I Talked about bookings at the beginning and at the very end of my shows but not in the middle. By simply using the "tools" at hand, I rehearsed some things to say during recipe prep or even during an Express Show demo, I found I don't can't rehearse the words, I am not that kind of person but I found just the right "queues".
I found several tools that I shall carry with me to all shows because Pampered Chef gives our hosts great deals on them.
1) Scraper Set - 4 for half the price
2) (Have to go expensive) - one piece of the Professional Cookware. You know we all have the Saute Pan! And it's easy to carry.
3) Ulimate Slice and Grate because at $22.50 it is Great! Pun Intended. :)
4) Simple Additions Small Bowls with Caddy - again small and easy to carry with out all the other stuff to futz with but a good sampling.
So I want to thank My Director, who did the training show, for showing me what I was missing.
So here is my moral, Pampered Chef gives you the tools to use to book more shows. Whether is be by giving us Host Product Specials or in other Consultants, Directors, Execs or whomever, who are willing to give of their time and knowledge.
Attend another consultants shows. Use them to your advantage and you too may be surprised. :eek:
Thanks Deb!!
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Jun 22, 2005
No matter how many shows I do , I still need those reminders!
I talk about bookings, too, but often to forget to casually mention "this is a great half-price item for hosts" - those sprinklings of reasons to book, keep it in front of them... they may not hear it the first time, or the last time you mention bookings... but all those little mentionings they are sure to pick up once or twice!
Good luck!

Pampered Heather

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Jul 5, 2005

Those are some great tips for encouraging potential host in order to get expensive items for 1/2 price. I'm new at this (only 2 shows done) and I don't seem to be able to get booking information into my "routine" yet. Thanks for the tips!