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Need help with recipe!


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Jul 14, 2005
Hi all I ran into a problem one of my hosts for next month has just told me that her oven does not work properly. I need a recipe that not require cooking time and don't know what to make. I am in my SS1 so I don't have many tools to work with. At the party she attended I made the Ice Cream Torte so I am not wanting to make that again. Any ideas?


Mar 8, 2005
Just an idea

You can cook like the pizza crust or cookie before the show at home. Then add the topping at the show. Or you can make Chocolate Fondue with Cinnamon Chips. Or even make the Hawaiian Dip with Fruit Kebabs( this one I just used chunks of fruit without the wooden skewers).
Hope this helps!


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There are so many recipes you can do (aside from YOU actually doing the pre-cooking at home)

Avocado-Citrus Salad
"O" Salad
Melon Salad w/ Orange-Lime Dressing
Tomato, Mozarella & Basil Salad
Today I did the "Tandoori Chicken Salad" from the Super Salads recipe cards using pre-cooked, pre-sliced chicken breasts...they come packaged that way.

any cold-set/pudding/freezer Pies such as:
Grasshopper Torte
Banana Cream Supreme

pre-made Cake/Poundcake base:
Cherry Almond Cheesecake

Fruits & Veggies:
Marinated Mushrooms
Orange Fruit Cups
Creamy Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes
Cucumber Party Canapes
Pinapple Orange Frozen Yogurt (this on only uses Batter Bowl and Lemon Zester)
Strawberry Sherbet

If she has a microwave:
Antipasto Platter
Mom's Apple Crisp
Chocolate-strawberry Delight
Microwave Brownies
Microwave Cake made in fluted Stoneware pan or rice cooker (if you don't have either, order one...they're worth it)

and of course there's always WRAPS: cold cuts, cheese, dressing, assorted veggies. How can you wrong?


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Jan 4, 2005
The Cool Veggie Pizza is a good one - you can bake the crust ahead on the large round stone at home. Then demo all the toppings at her home! I made it all the time during my SS months. Good Luck!
Jun 28, 2005
Any type of salsa would work. You can use the food chopper, knive, cutting board, batter bowl, measuring spoons, measure-all and garlic press. You could make pita chips or tortilla chips at home - just slice into wedges and bake on the stone (or before baking, spray the chips with Pam and sprinkle on seasonings). When you arrive, just place a few pre-cooked chips on the pizza stone for demonstration purposes.