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Need help with my first show!!


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Jun 20, 2005
I am currently doing a catalog show to help pay for my SSkit. My consultant told me to go ahead and start booking shows for July and August. I think I am doing well, but I just moved into a new area and don't know many people. I've already got a catalog show and a kitchen show booked for July and a kitchen show booked for August, but now I'm getting worried. I sometimes get nervous (very nervous) when speaking in front of people and I'm worried about how well this is all going to go. I want a nice simple show that will bring in the orders and bookings yet won't freak me out to bad. I know I'll do fine as long as my host will agree to a recipe that's not too elaborate. SHe should since it's one of my best friends.

So what I'm asking you all for is recipe selection. Since the show is July 15th, I don't think the 4th of July stuff will be all that great and what I'm looking for is a theme that's just more like drinks and appetizers. So, that everyone can visit and mingle and I can get to know the guests since I most likely won't know many of them because we live about 1.5hours apart. I'm hoping that this will be a way to help me network and get more names in my Pampered Chef book.

Sorry that I started rambling.
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janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
Are you going to be doing a recipe demonstration or are you just going to have food made beforehand? I'm assuming you are doing a demo since its your first show. You could pick an easy recipe from the season's best like the garden ranch pizza. It demo's alot of tools and is delicious. I mention this recipe because its the recipe I used just starting out and it worked well for me.

I know it can be nerve wracking thinking about talking in front of people but the more shows you do the easier it will get. Practice with your tools when your at home. One thing that helped me was I practiced my first recipe several times before my first show so I was comfortable making it in front of people and could talk about the tools easily.

You mentioned you were starting out and wanted to get your name out there. Have you thought about having your own show at your house? You could do something like an open house but with a recipe demo. I did that my first show and felt more comfortable since I was in my own home and it was with people I already new. Its also a way to get more bookings and earn the host benefits yourself.

Have fun with it and be excited! You will do great!


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May 6, 2005
I made Shrimp Wonton Cups (from the Celebrate cookbook) at my first few shows back two years ago. It was also the recipe that my director did at the show I hosted before becoming a consultant. I've never been one to stick to doing just one recipe for all shows in the month. I vary it, although I will say that the Tempting Tapas show has been SO popular and I've done that a ton. Of course, there may be some tools you don't have yet, making it hard to do that one.

Another really impressive one that people go "wow" over are the Cheesy Spinach Pinwheels. Personally I like the Parmesan Rosemary Pinwheels better. It's good to practice, just so you can get used to working with the Pillsbury Crescent Roll dough (take it out of the fridge RIGHT before you use it), but it's such a cool appetizer and a neat concept guests will love. It is from a past issue of Season's Best, but I believe you can still look it up on the PC website (it's the Fall/Winter 2003 issue). I guess it doesn't use a TON of tools, but they should all be ones you have. You can do an extra little demo with the Food Chopper and other hot items.

One thing I was so nervous about was screwing something up. And guess what? To this day, I still screw recipes up during the demo. I forget things more often than not. And I joke about it with the guests. It shows them you're human and it's a good recruiting tool because they see you don't have to be some professional cook to do the job of consultant. Just have fun with it! If you're nervous, don't be afraid to tell them! If something goes wrong, just laugh about it. Good luck! I used to hate to talk in front of others and it DOES get easier. Matter of fact, challenging myself to give PC a try despite not liking to speak in front of others OR to cook has opened up a whole new world for me. You can do this!! Let us know how it goes.


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Mar 16, 2005
nervous speaking

As far as being nervous during the speaking- I was too. I made up a little outline before the show with the points I wanted to hit. First I had my parents over and did a mock show for them and the hubby. I totally screwed up! SO I watched the training video again and wrote down a little outline of what she did. Then I adapted it to my recipe and show and it went soooo well. Now I do that for every show just so I know I don't forget things. I'm only in SSM2 so I'm still starting out at this too. It helps me feel more comfortable knowing I have that "safety net". Just a thought. And feel free to tell your guests. I know at my kitchen show that my director did for me b4 i signed up she told us "sorry if I look down a ton- I've made this recipe a ton and still forget steps!" We all laughed and thought nothing of it. I say the same about my outline- I say I just want to make sure I share everything so you guys don't miss out on any important info. It works every time!


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Mar 29, 2005
I make a show outline for every show that I go to! I know it's stupid b/c I could just look at the outline from last show but I think just writing it down the night before helps me remember for the following day! :p

Michelle K

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Jun 20, 2005
Hi I have been selling pc for in August 4years and I still remember my first show and how nervous I was. My director did come with me though and boy that was a great help. She stepped in and helped me when my mind went blank or I was trying to read the recipe. So if you could get your director to go with you that would be one option. Another one would be what I heard on one of the tapes we can buy from the home office I think it's the how to increase your show average. Keep your shows simple make something like the veggie lovers pizza and if you do two demos just do something like the ultimate banana split brownie pizza you can do the brownie at your house and all you have to do is decorate it at the show. Remember we are selling kitchen tools not recipes so do not do something too complicated make it fun and easy...have a good time remember (another quote from the tape) we are the pampered chef not perfect chef..I always say that when I mess up. You will do great. I also do a outline. I get the recipe I will demo write down each tool I will use write down item nbr price and where to find it on rcpt I tell everyone this info while I am doing my demo I find that it helps people buy more and that is what we want. I also think I remember seeing something about the sb having 2 recipes in everyone that you can do with your ss kit...Good luck I hope this helps..you will do great just think when you are doing your demos what item you want to sell the most of and really play it up..Michelle :) :)
Jun 8, 2005
say it out loud!

What really helped me with my first show was practising everything I was going to say out loud (to my empty house, of course!). Honestly, it was worth the hour I spent doing it because I had the chance to repeat things, smooth out my bumps, figure out that I can't get the little clip-on tool back into the Baker's Roller very easily (so I just point it out to people--I don't take it out!), that sort of thing.
The Cool Veggie Pizza is an excellent choice, because you don't have to worry how it's going to turn out when you pull it out of the oven (and if anything goes wrong with the crust, you still have time before the guests arrive to do it again!!) My first time making the Garden Veggie Pizza, the pizza crust bubbled up and turned black on the top (thank God not burning on the stone, which I pointed out to everyone with a strained smile!).
If your close friend is hosting, that's the best, because sometimes even more than your family, your best friends will go way out of their way to make sure things go well for you.
I'm sure you'll be terrific!
Gook luck! :)


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Jun 22, 2005
I think I about had a nervous breakdown with my first several shows!! But with each one it gets easier... I've been with PC 4 1/2 years... and don't nearly get as nervous. as long as i keep shows on my calendar, if you go a long time between shows, ya get nervous again. the more you use the products, and find what you love about them, and tell people...'this is my first show...this is my second show'...they understand any goof-ups! You are human! Pampered not perfect!!
I made at my first show the Tomato-Basil Squares, page 14 of All The Best. Everyone loved it, and I ended up making it for many shows after that. The Taffy Apple Pizza was of my first desserts... another wonderful recipe, everyone loved, and the make-ahead crust is good for hot days! The Apple Peeler Corer Slicer doesn't come in the kit anymore, so you may not be able to make that one, unless you borrow the APCS from someone.
Good luck!! You know more than them about these products, if not then ask them to be your sales person...play the "Got it! Love it! " game, and have them say what they love about the products. It takes the focus off you, and they believe another guest when they say how much they love the products!