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Need help with a recipe !


Jul 6, 2005
Hi ! Iam doing a Margaritaville show in 2 weeks , i found the jimmy buffet margarita invites and menu on here ! Which are GREAT !! I will be using those , my question is what cook book can i find the recipe for the Cheesebuger ring ? Also if any one know the directions for the margarita slush that went with it ?? That would be great !! I plan on giving all the guest a hawian lei's it t think i spelt that wrong ! Any other ideas would be great !! :)


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
There's a recipe for a Beef Taco Ring in "All the Best", which is really good. I don't know if there's a different one out there with different ingredients to make it more like a cheeseburger, but this one does use ground beef. It also uses Taco Seasoning, so maybe there's a different seasoning to use to make it taste less like a taco. In a pinch you could just use this because it is really yummy!