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Need Help w/ School Fundraiser


Gold Member
Oct 16, 2013
I need some suggestions on what to do!

I have been planing to introduce a fundraising plan to the local elementary school. The fifth graders are going on their annual Washington D.C. Trip. Each student has to pay quite a bit of money so this is what I have came up with:
Submit using PCs Fundraiser Show- Instead of advertising 10% or 15% of ALL sales will be donated to the organization I am going to say that 10% or 15% of each students total sales will be donated to the school and deposited into their TRIP Account. And I'm thinking of maybe offering an extra 5% (from my personal commission) for any student collecting more than $250 or maybe even $500 in orders???
Submit using PCs Catalog Show- I will donate a certain percentage to each students account based on what amount they have sold just like above but it will be a bit lower percentage about 5% or 10% because I expect to have about $1,000 OR MORE hopefully!! in sales and my commission would be like 20% ($1 to $750) 22% ($750 to $1250) 23% ($1250 to $2500) and so on, as listed in the Consultant Agreement Guide.
If using the Catalog Show I will take the Free Product Value and break it down into a couple of maybe $50 Free Product Raffles and each chance will be $2 or $4??? and the same for half price and discounted products. One person will win the Host special for the month also.

Suggestions and comments would be AWESOME!!!



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May 11, 2010
Sounds like a good plan....read the fine print when using fundraising option show from PC. I always turn in my fundraising shows as a catalog show and offer if a student collects $400 in sales, the parent can choose a host special and put their order down as the host. All monies collected are the same. If I need to have items for cash and carry, I keep the product for my on hand stock (not required to do this as a consultant). Always around the holidays I get many calls for any items on hand for last minute purchases. Good Luck. If you want me details, please contact me directly. Thanks!