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Need Help, never done a fundraiser


Mar 26, 2006
I have not done a fundraiser yet and need some help because I have a few people interested in possibly doing a fundraiser. I have read in the PC binder under the fundraising section, but it is not very specific.

When I do a fundraiser is it basically a catalog show??? Do the people with the group just collect orders or is it a BIG kitchen show????

How does the money for them work. PC mails a check to the orgainzation depending on what they make??? How do I know how much they make????

Any help would be great.



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Mar 12, 2006
Treat a fundraiser just as you would a regular cooking or catalog show. Pampered Chef will donate $3 for each booking - which makes having a cooking show a better choice if you need/want bookings. The biggest difference in a fundraiser and other shows is the host benefits. Pampered Chef will send the check right to the coordinator at the address you give.