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Need help getting booking!

Jan 11, 2006
Hi just found this board and I am happy too that I did. I needed some outside info on things. Like booking I have ran into problems because I live in a small town that some of my friends are my recurters cilents and well I am having a hard time getting shows and in a small town that now has way to many PC consultants in because I feel she has over recurted for this area does that make since to any one? And any ideas for me?
Oct 19, 2005
what about....

sending out a letter letting everyone know that you are now selling PC. I know somewhere on this site is an attachment to a thread with a getting started letter (try under letters and flyers). That might help.

I would still ask your friends (even though they are your "recriters customers") if they would be interested in having a show for you. My recruiter is my Director and 2 of my friends were her customers...but once I asked them to have a show they did and my Director was cool with it.

Have you gotten any bookings from your past shows?? Even as you check customers out at a show, just ask them if they would like to earn some great products for free. or as I have read on here, get on the phone. THat does make a difference and it shows that you care about your customers. I wouldn't come out and directly ask, would you like to have a pc show, I would make sure that it's a good time for them to talk and ask about the products they bought at the show....see how they like them, if they any questions about the product....maybe see if there are any other products they would like to have in their kitchen if it were to go on sale......then maybe ask how they would like to earn free and discounted products.

These are just sugestions....I tried them and they seem to have helped me....the personal touches you make with a customer will help to keep them coming back to you.

Good Luck!!


Jul 20, 2005
WELCOME irnchef!!! One of my favorite tools for bookings is the welcome book that comes with the kit. Brainstorm and think of everyone you come in contact with. Fill out that list of 100 names. Have a Mystery host show at your home to get your business introduced to your friends, neighbors, etc...Invite everyone you can think of. Make sure to make those follow-up calls. Small towns can be hard but I'm sure your recruiter will work with you- your a team. Not in competition with each other. Remember the phone is your friend and the worse thing people can say is no- (which really often only means not right now). ;)