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Pampered Chef: Theme Show Need HELP for Dinner Time in No Time

  1. crysboo

    crysboo Novice Member

    Hey guys. I'm doing a show next Saturday and I'm doing dinner time in no time. these ladies are all very busy teachers with kids of their own. I want something that I can make in 30mins flat, to show them that it really can be done. I've seen one other post about this (something about bbq chicken sandwiches) but my hostess didn't like that idea.... HELP!
    Aug 19, 2009
  2. crystalscookingnow

    crystalscookingnow Senior Member Gold Member

    Chicken Fajitas
  3. AmyDare

    AmyDare Member

    I vote for Chicken Fajitas, too!
    Aug 19, 2009
  4. christinaspc

    christinaspc Veteran Member Silver Member

    Why don't you do the mexican chicken lasgana or even the chicken penne pasta meal in the dcb that is in the season best.
    Aug 19, 2009
  5. kdangel518

    kdangel518 Advanced Member Gold Member

    I highly recommend the risotto or the Mexican Chicken Lasagna- both have been HUGE hits at my shows!
    Aug 19, 2009
  6. loreo

    loreo Banned

    Incredible 30 min chicken with garlic bites
    Aug 19, 2009
  7. JDooley

    JDooley Member

    My big hit so far has been the chicken penne pasta and garlic bites... shows off the cookware and the DCB and how both can be used that most would not think about. Cookware in the oven??? Stone in the Micro?? yep lots of questions and AhhHaa moments with this one! my best time from start to finish 27 min!
    Aug 19, 2009
  8. mscharf

    mscharf Advanced Member

    Lately I have been doing fajitas with pass around salsa OR chicken penne al fresco with garlic bites.

    I used to only do 1 thing, but doing these 2 things (1 is a recipe and the other a compliment) it really seems like a WOW dinner, in less than 30.

    I can't rave enough, and my show totals prove it!!!
    Aug 19, 2009
  9. Nfldfran

    Nfldfran Member

    Do you have one dish prepared and ready to go in the micro? I am thinking the interactive part can be preparing the garlic bites?
    How do you organize the two dishes? I would appreciate knowing how you acutally manage this?
    Aug 19, 2009
  10. jnsr96

    jnsr96 Member

    I just did this show and did the mexican fiesta salad pizza...It was a great recipe as I wasn't able to use any oven... Can show that the components can be cooked ahead of time and just prepared in under 5 minutes.
    Aug 19, 2009
  11. taterbug

    taterbug Member

    I have prepared the Mexican Chicken Lasgana the night before for many shows. The recipe states that you should allow it to sit out for about 15 minutes before putting it in the microwave. This worked well for each show that I used it for.
    Aug 19, 2009
  12. Do you have the recipes for this? I tried to find them on line but don't see them, unless they're called something else.
    Aug 21, 2009
  13. Chefstover2

    Chefstover2 Advanced Member

    Love the Fajitas...it's in Weekday Dinners--Done, too! Even my husband was impressed.
    Aug 21, 2009
  14. Maragib

    Maragib Member

    The Grilled Chicken Penne Pasta is in the Spring summer 09 Season's Best. It is also on page 41 of the catalog for S/S 09. Garlic bites I believe are just pilsbury canned bisquits with garlic salt or some fresh garlic and oil brushed on. You bake them in the saute pan 8 or 10 depending on how many you are making. Good Luck both are great.
    Aug 21, 2009
  15. cindylpal

    cindylpal Member Gold Member

    I'd go with the Fajitas...Love it...and it uses the DCB!!!!
    Aug 21, 2009
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