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Pampered Chef: Fundraiser Need Cute Ideas

  1. Cindycooks

    Cindycooks Veteran Member Silver Member

    Im am all confirmed for getting to set up a booth at our fall carnival at the elem school where I work! Each year there is a different theme (not your typical "fall" theme). This year - its "OUTER SPACE"....so I want to make my table sorta a space theme too! I am going to have 3 or 4 catalogs cut up and in clear pages in notebooks. Order forms there if parents want to order right then and there. A sign up sheet to be on my mailing list if they want a catalog. There are 400 kids in the school and nearly everyone comes to the carnival. Instead of sending catalogs home with every kid, I am going to copy/paste our most popular items on flyers and send it home in a packet with each child. I am also going to include my website address and the flyer on calculating outside orders from this website. I am going to put a closing date of 2 weeks on these orders, including them with the ones the night of the fair. Then - if things are going well, in our schools next newsletter, they are allowing my PC website and info to be included to keep the fundraiser going again - in other words, start it over and I can submit everytime we reach $600 so that they get 15%. WOW I am wordy, this is the way I get at 11:30 at night when I cant sleep and am thinking PC!
    Anyway - what do you think? Will this work, I have been trying to think of the ways to do this best...
    Now back to my original question - any space theme ideas? I'm thinking of making the hersheys kisses cookies recipe from the mini-muffin pan only with white kisses & putting the little silver sprinkles on them - maybe this will look sorta like a mini space ship. Hand these out, I can make bunches ahead and freeze them. Someone else told me to fill the QSPitcher half-way with water, add glittery star & moon confetti, tape it shut and let the kids plunge away. Cute huh! Any other ideas? Whew! Now Im going to bed!
    Aug 28, 2005
  2. Yvonne

    Yvonne Member


    What about "Guess Buzz Lightyear's Favourite Recipe". If you could beg/steal/borrow a Buzz toy, then put a list of PC recipes on a sheet with room for Name and Tel. No. of person guessing. Charge them a nominal fee per guess (proceeds to charity if you would rather) with the prize being a PC voucher. You would get a list of names to follow up after the event - to ask if they would like you to show them how to make the recipe they put their name against by them hosting a show.

    Aug 29, 2005
  3. acherry

    acherry Member Gold Member

    You could have a flyer that says "OUR PRODUCTS ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD, host a fundraiser, or host a show and find out why"

    Also, you could use black tablecloths with silver overlays... I mentioned this only because I saw in Walmart these tablecloths for $5.00.

    You could use the stainless steel bowls and display them as "planets". The big one is Jupiter, the middle on Earth and the small one Mars...
    As we have 6 prep bowls...separate into 3's and stack one on top of the other so you have 3 bowls on the table and each bowl has only one prep bowl on top...grap straws or tooth picks and make "martians" and place them in front of the "planets"..

    If you are allowed to bring food...make a "sun" cake with the batter bowl. Just icing it with yellow icing and add orange jelly beans to add the "hot spots"

    Use the round stones as "spaceships"...
    You could get table tents and label these at such....
    Oh...here is another idea...if you have time...I use these on all my displays...
    go to Walmart, and you can purchase (in the bridal section) the Wilton Dyable Ice- they look like diamonds, so its huge at my bridal shows...but you could put them all throughout your display and use them as "stars"....

    Just a few ideas for you...hope it helps!
    Aug 29, 2005
  4. pamperedbecky

    pamperedbecky Legacy Member

    If you can have food there, there's a really cute spaceship cake you can make the with the batter bowl. It's in the Celebrate Cookbook on pg. 113. It looks a little complicated, but it's cute. If you can't have food, you can make it at home and take a picture if it turns out. It would go along perfectly with your theme! :)
    Aug 29, 2005
  5. Cindycooks

    Cindycooks Veteran Member Silver Member


    Thanks for all the suggestions so far! You all are awesome! One thing I did come up with, I may need to still play with the wording a little, is in our schools Sept newsletter - I am going to say something like "We are LAUNCHING our fall fundraiser and it is going to be Out Of This World"....
    Aug 29, 2005
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