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Need clarity on dates


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Oct 7, 2005
Okay, bear with me while I try to explain my question! lol. I've heard/read that you can sign on a recruit in one month, and have a full month between when they signed and their SS1 month. For instance, if I signed a recruit in January, would their first SS month be Feb? or could it be moved to March in order to give the recruit more time to get together some shows before their SS1. I have a few potentials I want to send letters to, but they won't even get to them for another few days, so i don't want to deadline them in too soon, as I'm afraid they'll pass it up because of being too busy, or whatnot.


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Oct 6, 2005
You probably want them to sign now and have them do their SS1 month in Feb (and hopefully qualify) for reasons that will be revealed on Monday. ;)

If you want their SS1 to be March, I believe they have to wait to sign until after Jan 15.
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Nov 3, 2005
They can sign now if they want their SSM to be March, however they will not ship the kit until feb. 1st. If Feb. is her ssm1 then they will ship the kit out immediately! I hope this helps clarify for you! :D